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Founded in April 2002, the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (hereinafter referred to as the “Institute” or “SZIIT”) is a public full-time institution of higher learning approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province, filed by the Ministry of Education and administered by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government.

The Institute has a modern, ecological and IT-equipped campus covering an area of 926,000 square meters and a construction area of 588,600 square meters. The Institute connects Shenzhen's pillar industries and exemplifies the characteristics of information technology. It has ten schools for enrollment which are School of Software Engineering, School of Electronic Communication Technology, School of Computer Science, School of Digital Media, School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment, School of Transportation and Environment, School of Management, School of Finance and Economics, School of Applied Foreign Languages and the Sino-German School with a total of 47 IT-related majors. The Institute has 15,468 full-time students and 796 faculty members, 301 of whom have sub-senior or above titles and 315 of whom hold doctoral or post-doctoral degrees.

The Institute adheres to the principles of “Leading Scientific Research, Innovative Teaching and Research, Outstanding Applications and Commitment to Communities”. The Institute has presided over 26 national-level projects such as the projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 517 provincial-level and municipal-level scientific research projects, six national teaching and research projects and 49 provincial and municipal level projects. It also founded one of the first batch of educational and scientific research expert studios in Shenzhen. The Institute has received a first prize and two second prizes of the national-level Teaching Achievement Award for institutions of higher learning, six first prizes and four second prizes of the provincial-level Teaching Achievements Award, two second prizes and two third prizes of the Scientific and Technology Award of Guangdong Province, a first prize of the Scientific Research Achievement Award for the key projects of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of the National Scientific Research Fund for Teachers, two prizes of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award, two prizes of the Shenzhen Technology Innovation Award, a Natural Science Award of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Award, seven prizes of the Shenzhen Award for Outstanding Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science, a second prize of the Progress Award of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, the Institute holds 62 invention patents, 203 utility model patents and 8 design patents.

The Institute has established a college-enterprise cooperation model by adhering to the college-enterprise cooperative operating mode and actively promoting the integration of production and education. The Institute uses 20,000 square meters of training venues to attract enterprises to jointly build practical teaching bases and scientific and technological innovation platforms. The Institute has many innovation platforms, such as two provincial-level innovation platforms, an advanced civil engineering research center, an intelligent manufacturing training center and five school-level collaborative innovation centers. The Institute has two national-level higher vocational education training bases, 11 provincial-level higher vocational education training bases, a provincial-level public training center, 12 provincial-level off-campus practical teaching bases for college students and 33 public off-campus training bases for higher vocational education in Shenzhen.

In the past three years, students have participated in numerous professional skills competitions and won 137 national-level awards and 315 provincial-level awards above the second prize. Carrying forward the spirit of being daring to challenge, loyal to work, showing great talent and achieving excellent performance, graduates from the Institute have achieved an overall employment rate of over 98%. Many of them are employed by famous companies such as Huawei, Tencent, Shenzhen Metro, China Unicom, etc. The Institute has developed many excellent student entrepreneurs such as Ding Shiyuan who was reported by the Wall Street Journal as "China's youngest Post-90s multimillionaire" and Suyun Bangbang's CEO Chen Jialiang who owns eight companies.

We are now providing junior college education and recruiting non-Chinese international students in order to enhance international connections, create a multicultural atmosphere and train international talent for the social and economic development of Shenzhen.

We warmly welcome international students from all over the world to create a better tomorrow with us in Shenzhen!

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