The Shenzhen Industrial Technology School Opened, Lectures on New Technologies Inspired the Pakpasak Technical College


The Shenzhen Industrial Technology School (Vientiane) was established on January 8 in the Pakpasak Technical College in Laos. On January 9, a delegation of professionals from the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (SZIIT) provided five new technology lectures in the Pakpasak Technical College lecture hall, showcasing the cutting-edge ideas of Shenzhen's vocational education community. Speakers including Deng Guoli, Wan Shoufu, Tan Xu, Zhang Pu and Zhan Shaobin were appointed by the Pakpasak Technical College and became the first group of specially-invited experts registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports of Laos.

Ms. Deng Guoli (Director of the Public Course Education Department) gave a presentation entitled "Embrace the New Era, Engage in New Changes and Interdisciplinary Teaching and Thinking". This presentation addressed the disciplines jointly run by the two sides and focused on the training of new-generation technical personnel for information and modern logistics technologies. In her presentation, she highlighted interdisciplinary competence and Internet thinking.

Mr. Wan Shoufu (Dean of the School of Management) gave a presentation entitled "The Current Development of and Prospects for China's Economy and E-Commerce". He analyzed China's economic achievements of its development from an agricultural country to a global manufacturing and trading power in the past four decades of reform and opening up by using international economic data comparisons. He also elaborated on China's economic progress and bright prospects in the global context. Then, he talked about the current e-commerce development in China and the importance of rural revitalization and poverty alleviation. Finally, he looked forward to the prospect of the application-oriented talent training for e-commerce and logistics management under the new circumstances.

Mr. Tan Xu (Deputy Dean of the School of Software Engineering) gave a presentation entitled "Exploration on the Development of the Artificial Intelligence Industry and the Training of Application-Oriented Personnel". He took a fresh look at AI technology and described the development of the AI industry in terms of global strategy, China’s blueprint and Shenzhen’s ideas. Finally, he shared his ideas on how to train software technicians from the perspective of "cloud computing + artificial intelligence".

Dr. Zhang Pu from the School of Electronic Communication Technology gave a presentation entitled "5G Industry Development and Communication Curriculum Optimization". Dr. Zhang analyzed the current 5G technology development from a global and a Chinese perspective. She also analyzed key 5G technologies based on use cases in the healthcare, transportation and entertainment industries. Finally, she shared her thoughts on the training of application-oriented communication technicians.

Mr. Zhan Shaobin (Deputy Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship) gave a presentation entitled "The Current Information-Based Teaching of Shenzhen's Vocational Colleges and Lessons to Learn". Based on the comparison and analysis of contemporary vocational education in China and Germany, he discussed what information-based teaching methods were feasible and provided academic suggestions on how to implement information-based teaching in the Pakpasak Technical College.

Mr. Saykham Phanthavong, President of the Pakpasak Technical College, chaired these lectures and also served as the English interpreter. More than 200 teachers and students (including international students) from this college's Computer and Business Management, Logistics and Lao-Chinese Communication and Training Center attended these lectures. These lectures caused heated discussions and generated positive responses. President Saykham Phanthavong spoke highly of the new technology lectures. He hoped to strengthen the pairing assistance and exchanges through the Shenzhen Industrial Technology School so as to create a new pattern for the "2+1" international student joint training program and build a model of practical cooperation for the "Belt and Road".

(Wan Shoufu from the School of Management and Tan Xu from the School of Software Engineering)




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