Caring about “SZIIT People”, SZIIT Urgently Sends Masks to Overseas Teachers and Students


With the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, schools around the world have been facing unprecedented job challenges. According to UNESCO statistics, 138 countries had closed their schools by April 2, and 1.37 billion students were out of school. Nearly 2 million teachers were affected.

The Party Committee of the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology (SZIIT) has attached great importance to the pandemic and developed thoughtful plans. SZIIT has been taking measures to protect teachers and students since the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak. In the early days of the pandemic, the School of International Exchange and Cooperation, on behalf of SZIIT, sent greetings and pandemic prevention guidelines to overseas teachers and students. The School also collected information on a daily basis and reported the movements of international students and foreign teachers to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. SZIIT still has one teacher in the United States, 21 international students in Laos and one foreign teacher in Germany. All the other SZIIT teachers and students always care about their safety.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic in China is under control, the pandemic around the rest of the world is still worrying. When talking to overseas SZIIT teachers and students, the School of International Exchange and Cooperation found that most did not have anti-epidemic masks and that even many countries did not have masks for people to buy. SZIIT's leading group for pandemic prevention and control learned this situation and then immediately appointed the School of International Exchange and Cooperation to take the lead to send greetings and care to overseas teachers and students. Although international postal channels had problems, SZIIT overcame difficulties and sent 1,200 masks to teachers and students overseas between March 30 and April 2 to help them survive the pandemic.

(Liu Xiaoyan and Zhang Yunsheng from the School of International Exchange and Cooperation)




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