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About us

SZIIT ranks first in terms of the operation of school among all vocational technology universities and colleges nationally: It is recognized as a high-level vocational institution in China with the characteristics of ICT and a comprehensive advanced ICT major matrix.

President' s Message

Over the years, guided by Party's education policy and riding the trend of information technology development, the institute has always work in line with the great cause of reform and opening up to write one "spring story" after another in the field of promising vocational education! In cultivating the new generation, the institute looks towards the future and exerts effort to promote students'...

Facts and figures



258 September.2021

SZIIT held the Teacher's Day commendation meeting and work conference for the new semester

On September 8, SZIIT held a Teachers' Day commendation meeting and work conference for the new semester. Leaders including Liu Jin, Wang Hui, Zhang Wu, Yao Xueqing, Xu Zhiliang, Zhou Yanbing, all middle-level cadres, representatives of teachers who have been teaching for 30 years attended the meeting at room 215 of the conference center, and the rest of the faculty and staff attended the meeti...

253 September.2021

The major of "Integrated Circuit Technology" was approved by the National Vocational Education Teachers' Teaching Innovation team - Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of the second batch of national vocational education teaching innovation team project units, and the "Integrated Circuit Technology" major applied by our university was successfully selected, which is another major national project of our university's teaching team after the "Software Technology" major was selected in the first batch of lis...

253 September.2021

SZIIT won one Grand prize and three first prizes in the "Challenge Cup" provincial competition

SZIIT won one Grand prize and three first prizes in the "Challenge Cup" provincial competitionRecently, the 16th "Challenge Cup" jointly sponsored by the Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, the Provincial Academy of Social S...

250 September.2021

Researcher in SZIIT published a paper in a top journal in the field of flexible energy storage devices

Recently, Dr. Yan Xiao from Institute of Information Technology (IIT) of SZIIT published a paper"Extrusion-based 3D-Printed Supercapacitors: Recent Progress and Challenges”(DOI:10.1002/eem2.12260)as the first author in Energy & Environmental Materials (JCR Q1, Impact Factor: 15.122), a top journal in the field.Starting from the basic concepts of supercapacitor energy storage mechanism and de...