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In April, 2021, the "Bay Area Sino-German Model Base for Collaborative Development of Education and Economy" was officially opened.

In May, 2021, set up a doctoral workstation in Guangdong Province


In December 2020, the "Model institute of Digital Campus Construction for Vocational Institutions".


In July 2019, recognized by the Ministry of Education as a national high-quality specialized higher vocational institution.

In November 2019, the base for the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture by the Ministry of Education.

In December 2019, Double High Program (High-level Vocational Institute and High-level Majors with Chinese Characteristics).


In September 2018, one of the top 50 vocational institutions in China for internship management by the Ministry of Education.


In November 2017, accredited with the top 50 higher vocational institutions in China.


In February 2016, the national backbone institute construction project was accredited with "excellent level".

In November 2016, first-class higher vocational institutions construction program at provincial level.


In July 2014, the National Teaching Resource Library for Digital Media Cluster in Higher Vocational Education was approved.

In September 2014, the teaching resource was officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance.


In September 2012, a pilot institution for the Sino-German Cooperation Project on Auto Mechanics in Vocational Education by the Ministry of Education.


In September 2011, the institute was approved to build a national higher vocational education network technology professional shared teaching resource library.

In 2011, the institute moved to the new campus in Longgang (formerly Dayun Village), which covers an area of 925,000 square meters (1,389 mu) with a construction area of 584,800 square meters.


In November 2010, the institute was approved to establish higher vocational institutions as national backbones.


In October 2007, the institute passed the teaching assessment of the Ministry of Education with excellent results;


In January 2004, accredited with a national training base for talents in the field of numerical control technology;


In December 2003, the institute was approved as a national model institute for software education;

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