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School of Software Engineering

School of Software Engineering

The School of Software Engineering (Artificial Intelligent College) is the leading college of Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology; based on the demands of economic development in Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau,itresponds to the industrial upgrading of information technology of the next generation actively, and it endeavors to cultivate the inter-disciplinary talents with high quality on cloud software development, AI application, technical application of big dataandintelligent hardware development. The college operation connects with industries tightly and thus the School of Software and Artificial Intelligence is established, and it has majors which meet the demands of local industries, including the major of software technology (including software engineering) as the key major of backbone universities in China and primary brand majorsinGuangdong Province, the major of big data technology - the key major and type II brand major in Guangdong province, the major of applied technology of mobile Internet with prominent features, the major of AI technology application and the major of development technology of industrial software. There are over 2200 junior college students and undergraduates in the majorofsoftware engineering cultivated by this college and Guangdong Technology Normal University jointly. The college has passed the checking and acceptance for benchmark college and department on party construction of China, set up the project ontheteacher and teaching innovation for national professional education; it has also obtained the honors such as the advanced collective of national education system and the first prize and second prize on teaching achievements of China, etc. The major group of software engineering is selected in the high-level major group of “Double-high Plan” of the Ministry ofEducation.

Currently the college has 66 full-time teachers and 70 artisan-type part-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers,thereare 28 teachers with deputy senior professional title, 32 doctors and post-doctors, 5 master and doctoral supervisor, and 45 of them have the background of overseas learning or overseas visit as well as advanced study and training; the proportion of the “double-feature” teacher in the total full-time teacher is 97.7%. Currently the college has one national-level teaching team, 2 province-level teaching teams, one province-level famous teacher on teaching, 2 posts of Zhujiang River Scholar, 4 cultivation objects of leading talents on the majors of advanced professional education in Guangdong Province, 1 cultivation objectof“Serial Famous Teacher Project” in Guangdong Province, 1 excellent teacher of Guangdong Province, 1 “Shenzhen Scholar” and 3 local leading talents in Shenzhen. The full-time teachers of the School of Software Engineering hold 3 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and they have cultivated a batch of inter-disciplinary technologic talents with high quality and strong abilities of innovation and carrier establishment. The college has grasped the new tendency of the incorporation of cloud technology and AI, innovated the mode of cooperation between university and enterprise, and performed the multi-modal cooperation in layers and categories in the form of “dynamic matrix union”; it configures the resources ofthecooperation between university and enterprise effectively so as to improve the incorporation between industry and teachingaswell as synergetic education. With unifying the top 500 enterprises in the world, such as Google, Amazon, Oracle, ARM, Huawei, Tencent and H3C, the college has sufficiently brought out the effects of incorporation between industry and teaching, leading and demonstrating. It became the member of ISO and W3C in 2018 and the construction of the School of Artificial Intelligence(AI+intelligentlearning)wasapprovedbytheMinistryofEducation,andbecomesthetalentcultivationanddemonstrationbaseon

AI for Google. It is the first unit in the field of advanced professional education which has obtained the title of “A WS Cloud Innovation College of Ministry of Education and Amazon” as well as the financial support.

The college pays attentions to the skill training of the students, and it often hold contests to improve learning, trainingandreform. The students of the School of Software Engineering have achieved excellent achievements in the skill contests. From 2018 to 2020, the students had obtained 25 national prizes on science and technology as well as humanity, 29 province-level prizes and more than 100 municipal prizes. In the recent years, they have won the first prize on the development of mobile Internet application in National Advanced Professional College Skill Contest, the first prize of “Chinese Software Cup” Student Contest on Software Design, the first prize of “Challenge Cup - Rainbow Life” National Contest on Innovation and Carrier Establishment of Professional Colleges, the first prize of “Lanqiao Cup” National Contest on Specialized Talent of Software and IT, and other 20 such first prizes of provincial level and over. Besides, some typical graduates who established their carriers successfully, such as Lin Zhongdu, Zhang Huajian and Zou Guanyang; there have been more than 30 graduate and student teams which have registered for carrier establishment successfully; the graduates are very popular in the enterprises, and the average employment rate is over 98%; the graduates are working in middle and small students, and they are also accepted by many famous enterprises, such as Huawei, Tencent, Lenovo, ZTE, Foxconn and Hi SunTechnology.