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Artificial Intelligence Technology Application

Artificial Intelligence Technology Application Major

[Main Courses]

Professional basic courses: Fundamentals of Programming, Introduction to AI, Python Programming;

Professional support courses: Edge Intelligent Computing Fundamentals, Machine Vision Application Technology, Intelligent Terminal Application Development, Big Data Collection and Preprocessing Technology, Deep Learning Framework and Application, Intelligent System Application Development, etc.;

[Employment Direction]

This major is mainly for smart cities, smart robots, smart agriculture, smart security, smart medical and other industries.Aftergraduation, students can engage in data science, machine learning, AI system operation and maintenance, AI related application development, testing, technical support and other highly skilled jobs. The main job positions include AI/machine learning engineer, AI algorithm engineer, AI system operation and maintenance engineer, AI application development engineer andbigdata analyst, computer vision assistant engineer, intelligent terminal development assistant engineer, AI system test engineer, AI product sales engineer,etc.


The application of AI technology has in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with Fortune 500 or industry leaders such as Xiaomi, Baidu, SenseTime, etc., to build an AI training room with a value of more than 8 million, based on the advantages of Shenzhen's electronic information industry and in-depth connection to the economic construction of the Bay Area and provide students with first-class learning, training, employment environment and positions.