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Big Data Technology

Big Data Technology Major

[Main Courses]

Professional basic courses: Fundamentals of Programming, Database Design and Implementation, Linux Operating System Application, Python Programming, Cloud Computing Basics, Cloud Computing Operation and Maintenance Practice;

Professional core courses: Hadoop Big Data Fundamentals, Big Data Collection Technology, Big Data Storage Technology, Python Data Analysis, Spark Big Data Technology, Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Services, Cloud Database Management Practice;

Professional practice courses: Hadoop Cluster Operation and Maintenance Management Training, Vocational Skill Level Certificate Verification Practice, Cloud Operation and Maintenance Engineer Training, Cloud Database Administrator Training, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, Comprehensive Job Training, Internship (graduation works).

[Employment Direction]

After graduation, students can engage in cloud database storage and management, big data application analysis, database management development, platform architecture operation and maintenance, cloud computing system deployment and operation and maintenance, big data system operation and maintenance and management, data processing, analysis and visualization. In Zhaopin, the starting salaries for big data engineers and cloud operation and maintenance engineers are 15,000 yuan.