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Industrial Software Development Technology

Industrial Software Development Technology Major

[Main Courses]

Professional basic courses: Database Design and Implementation, Fundamentals of Programming, Cloud Computing Basics, HTML5 Basics, HTML 5 Development Practice, Python Web Program Development Technology;

Professional core courses: Software Engineering, Lightweight JavaEE Application Development, Industrial Software Automation Operation and Maintenance, Industrial Software Design and Development, Intelligent MES System Implementation and Application;

Professional extension courses: Python Data Analysis Technology, Android Development Technology, Python Image Processing Technology, AI Web Front-endDevelopment;

Concentrated practice courses: Innovative Entrepreneurship Education Practice, Vocational Skill Level Certificate Verification Practice, Industrial Software Modular Project Development Training, Industrial Software Enterprise Project Comprehensive Training.

[Employment Direction]

Software development engineers, software operation and maintenance engineers, data analysis engineers, software designers, front-end development engineers, operation and maintenance in the R&D departments of software development companies and government agencies and institutions in intelligent manufacturing, industry 4.0, software and information technology related industries With deployment engineers, software test engineers, project assistants, software marketers, quality assurance, technical support engineers and otherpositions.