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Software Technology

Software Technology Major

[Main Courses]

Professional basic courses: Object-oriented Programming, HTML5 Basics, Database Development Practice, Cloud Computing Basics, HTML5 Practice Development;

Excellent class core courses: Java Web Program Development, Lightweight J2EE Application Development, Javascript Technology Development, Front-end Framework Application Development, Nodejs Technology Development, Machine Learning Applications, Deep Learning Project Practice, Cloud Software Development, Cloud-based Integrated Project Development, Data Structure and AlgorithmAnalysis;

Professional core courses in the direction of Java technology development: Advanced Java Programming, Java Web Program Development, Cloud Software Development, Lightweight J2EE Application Development, Cloud-based Integrated Project Development and Cross-platform Software Development;

Professional core courses in the direction of AI application development: Python Web Software Development, Data Analysis and Crawler, Machine Learning Applications, Application Development of Frameworks, Rapid Development of Cloud-based Intelligent Software and AI ProjectsPractice;

[Employment Direction]

Java software development engineers, cloud software development engineers, AI application engineers, big data analysis engineers, software designers, front-end development engineers, software test engineers, project assistants, software sales personnel, quality assurance, technical support engineer