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School of Computer Science

School of Computer Science

The School of Computer Science (hereinafter referred to as the college) is tightly connected to the pillar industry of Shenzhen, and its tenet of operation is to create the feature of information technology, it is the key secondary college of the university and is also the cradle in which the elite IT talents in the epoch of “Internet+” are cultivated.

The college insists the idea of “reinforcing and developing the college with high quality, skills and culture”. Now it has four majors: applied technology of computer, computer network technology, information security and management and application of cloud computation technology. Among them, the major of applied technology of computer is the key major of backbone universities of the nation; the major of computer network technology is the demonstrative major in Guangdong Province, and it has constructed the national-level specialized teaching resource library by uniting twenty-eight enterprises and thirty-two demonstrative and backbone advance professional colleges; the major of technology and application of information and security is the “double first-rank” major and the high-quality major of the first-rank university in Guangdong Province; the technology and application of cloud computation is the new major established in 2018, and it practices the certification education, and the proportion of the students obtaining the top certificates in the industry (such as HCIE, CCIE) is very high.


Currently the college possesses a teacher team with rational structure, prominent features, high level of teaching and scientific research and abundant experiences of practice; there are 67 teaching staffs, in which there are 3 professors, 22 associate professors (including senior engineering), 29 doctors and 46 teachers specializing in theoretical and practical teaching. The college had been awarded “the civilization post for women” by the Women’s Federation of Shenzhen, and the teachers of the college had been awarded serial honor titles, such as “top 10 models on teacher’s ethics”, “excellent teacher in Guangdong”, “excellent teacher in Shenzhen” and “excellent class teacher of Shenzhen”, etc.

Utilizing the advantages of cooperation between the college and the enterprises effectively, the college has established Zhongke Red Flag College, Cisco Network College and H3C Network College as well as more than 50 ex-school training and practice bases, and such deeds have constructed a solid platform for the training and practices of the students; the students have archived many achievements in the national contests on professional skills. At the same time, the resources in and outside the college have been sufficiently utilized to create fine opportunities for the job hunting and employment of the students; the employment rate in recent years have been over 98%.

In the recent years, the college has cultivated a lot of talents with high quality and strong skills for the IT industry in Zhujiang River Delta, and some students have obtained top authoritative professional certificates which have been confirmed in the industry, such as HCIE and CCIE; a lot of excellent graduates have been delivered to domestic leading IT enterprises, such as Huawei, ZTE and Tecent; large amount of graduates work in the leading enterprises, such as Lenovo, China Telecom, China Mobile, TOPSEC, DJI, Shenzhen Metro Group, Microsoft and some large banks, etc.