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Computer Applied Technology

Computer Applied Technology

[Main Courses]

Linux Operating System Server Management, Automated Operation and Maintenance, Web Project Application Development,

Enterprise- level Website Development and Deployment, Python Programming Technology, Linux Enterprise-level Applications,

Windows OS Server Management, Windows Operating System Desktop Management, WeChat Applet Development, Database

Applications and Management, Website UI Design, Web Design.

[Employment Direction]

Direction 1: Train operation and maintenance personnel engaged in system management for various enterprises and

institutions: operating system management engineers, business system operation and maintenance engineers, and technical

support engineers.

Direction 2: Train website system maintenance and new media operation personnel for various enterprises and institutions:

website development engineers, WeChat applet development engineers, website operation and maintenance engineers,

network promotion marketing engineers.

Direction 3: Training software and hardware marketing personnel and technical support personnel for various IT equipment

operators: network optimization engineers, IT hardware operation and maintenance engineers.


This major has a rosy career prospect. Examples of successful employment of excellent graduates trained include China

Telecom, Shenzhen Metro Group, major commercial banks, DJI, Venustech, Bendibao and other well-known enterprises.

The computer application technology major passed the national key school key construction professional acceptance with

excellent results in 2016, and is in a leading position in the country among similar majors. It has 3 national-level quality resource

sharing courses, 1 provincial-level excellent teaching team, provincial-level open source training base and a provincial-level off

campus practice base for college students. Professional teachers have won honors such as local-level leading talents and

provincial-level teaching teachers. This major advocates competition to promote learning and competition to promote teaching,

organizes students to participate in cloud computing technology application, MOS office software and other skills competitions,

Red Hat Challenge, and won multiple national and provincial first, second and third prizes. Professional students have obtained

top-level certifications in industries such as RHCA and HCIE, which have been widely praised by employers.