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Computer Network Technology

Computer Network Technology

[Main Courses]

Network Engineering Project and Management, Computer Network Integrated Wiring and Construction, Wireless Local Area Network Construction (WLAN), Advanced IP Routing Implementation (IP routing), Campus Network Deployment (IP switching), Network Equipment Interconnection (IA routing), Small Local Area Network Construction (IA Exchange), Computer Network Basics, Automated Operation and Maintenance, Python Programming Technology, Computer Network Security Management, Linux Certification, Linux Advanced Certification, Windows Server Configuration and Management, Computer Maintenance and Repair, Public Cloud Technology and Application, Network Server Virtualization Deployment, Cloud Platform Configuration and Management, Software- defined Network, Campus Network Engineering Project Practice, Industry Characteristic Network Engineering Project Practice, etc.

[Employment Direction]

This major has a good development prospect and a wide range of employment. The excellent graduates have been employed by Tencent, Huawei, major commercial banks and other well-knowncompanies.

Direction 1: For network system integrators, relevant jobs include network engineers, network operation and maintenance engineers, integrated wiring engineers, equipment installation and commissioning engineers, system integration engineers, network project supervisors, project managers, product managers, account managers, etc.;

Direction 2: For all enterprises and institutions, relevant jobs include network administrators, system administrators, technical support (after- sales), network security officers, etc.;

Direction 3: For enterprises and institutions such as network technology application and research and development, manufacturing, and product services, relevant jobs include network optimization and maintenance personnel, network pre-sales engineers, network after- sales engineers, etc.


The major of computer network technology is the major of the Ministry of Education's network technology major's teaching resource library, and it is a demonstration major of Guangdong Province. It organizes teachers and students to participateinnational and provincial computer network application skill competitions, information security skill competitions, etc, and havewonmany first prizes, second prizes, provincial first prizes, second prizes and other honors. So far, more than 60 CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Experts) and HCIE (Huawei Certified Internet Experts) have been trained, and they have won unanimous praise among theiremployers.