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Information Security Technology Application

Information Security Technology Application

[Main Courses]

The main courses include: Information Security Basics, Linux Basics, Windows Network Operating System Application, Switch Routing Equipment Management, Computer Network Technology, Automated Operation and Maintenance, Python Programming Technology, Wireless and Terminal Security Management, Network Security Product Configuration, Network Security Management and Control Operation and Maintenance, Linux OS Security Application, Computer Forensics, Data Security and Recovery, Database Application and Management, Web Security Development (PHP), Kali Linux OS Application, Web Penetration, Offensive and Defensive Technology, Enterprise Information Security Engineering, Cyberspace Security Introduction, Computer Virus Protection Technology.

[Employment Direction]

Direction 1: Large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions for informatization: security service engineers, security

consulting engineers, information security engineers, management system consulting engineers, cyberspace security

maintenance and management engineers, data security maintenance and management engineers, cloud computing system

maintenance and management engineer.

Direction 2: Security engineering and technical services companies: cyber police, system security evaluation engineers,

corporate security consulting engineers, security service managers, virus analysis engineers, attack and defense penetration

engineers, vulnerability scanning engineers.

Direction 3: For information security-related products, network management-related product production and sales companies:

product sales managers, pre- sales and after-sales engineers, security product managers.


This major has so far cultivated 14 sessions of graduates. Typical examples of outstanding employers include well-known

enterprises such as Sangfor, TopSec, QI-ANXIN Technology, NSFOCUS, Shenzhen Information Security Evaluation Center,

public security departments and other institutions.

Information security technology application major is a double first-class construction major and a high-level construction major

of a first-class school in Guangdong Province. Since 2012, it has won the first prize of the National Vocational College Skills

Competition (Information Security Competition) for five consecutive times, and has won more than 20 first and second prizes in

various skill competitions in Guangdong Province. In recent years, the students of this major have won one special prize and

multiple first and second prizes in the national MOS competition. Many students have obtained HCIE and other advanced skills

certificates. Graduates are qualified for key information security jobs in enterprises and institutions, and their salary is in a leading

position in the industry. At the same time, we and Sangfor have established the Security Service Industry College to establish a

close cooperative relationship in personnel training, acquisition of skills certificates, and student employment, focusing on training

highly skilled personnel in information security services so that students can get employed after graduation; at the same time, the

special class to be created focuses on the HCIE-Security and other industry certificate examinations and the training of

offensive and defensive infiltration skills, so that students can conduct information security competitions and be competent for

the combined offensive and defensive infiltration tasks.