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School of Digital Media

The School of Digital Media

The School of Digital Media serves for the industry of digital creation in Shenzhen. It sets five majors: digitalmedia technology, digital media art design, Radio, Film and Television Program Production, technology and application of virtual reality and environmental art design. The majors in the college are supported by modern digital media technology and the development of digital content, visual design, planning and creative services are performed by technologic, creative and industrial ways;itscore fields deal with animation, film and TV play, games, interactive design, visual design and VR. The college cultivatestheapplied and compound talents with high quality and high-end technology, which master the artistic design, film and TV play producing, digital media product design, animation producing and game software development and other hot fields in IT measures. The graduates are greatly expected inemployment.

The college owns excellent teaching team in Guangdong Province, 2 excellent teachers in Guangdong, 3 excellent teachers in Shenzhen and 53 full-time teachers, in which there are 4 professors, 18 associate professors, 19 doctors and post-doctors, one scholar of Shenzhen Information Institute, one famous teacher of Shenzhen Information Institute, one cultivation object of province-level "Serial Famous Teacher Project" and 12 part-time teachers with the deputy senior professional title.

The college has lead in completing the construction of the teaching resource library for the major group on digital media of national advanced professional education; the constructed major group of digital media technology is currently the project of high-level major group of advanced professional colleges in Guangdong Province; the college practices the trial point of talent cultivation of modern apprentice in the artistic faculties in China firstly. The college performs the teaching reform actively and has obtained 3 nation-level and 6 province-level brands of major; it has obtained 1 nation-level prize and 3 province-level prizes on teaching achievements, 2 province-level projects on the cultivation of teaching achievements, 8 province-level projects on the teaching reform; it has constructed 8 excellent courses of resource sharing (including online excellent courses) of province-level and above and written 13 national-level textbooks.

During the 13th Five-year Plan, more than 58 million Yuan had been invested for the training base, and 2 province-level training bases have been approved. Remarkable success was achieved in teaching and scientific research; in the recent 5 years, the college has obtained the scientific research expenses of province and urban level for over 10 million Yuan;theteachers have obtain one nation-level first prize, one province-level first prize and two province-level second prizes in the contest on information teaching of professional colleges, and they have also obtained two province-level prizes in theyouthteaching contest of universities (professional colleges). In the recent years, the students took part in various kinds of contests and obtained 16 nation-level prizes and 23 province and ministry-levelprizes.