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Digital Media Art Design

Digital Media Art Design

[Employment Direction]

Product design graduates are suitable for new product planning, product customization design, product modeling design,

product structure design positions in branded manufacturing companies and Internet e-commerce companies; product design,

structural design, etc. Packaging design, product intelligent interactive design, etc., in product design companies, professionals

in the field of enterprise product planning and innovative design.

Graduates of visual communication design are suitable for advertising design, packaging design, UI visual design work in

advertising design and planning companies; web page art, product packaging design, film and television advertising design and

production in Internet e-commerce and packaging design companies.

[Main Courses]

Product design direction: Design Hand-painted Expression Techniques, Product Form Semantic Design, Product Innovation

Design Thinking, Design Materials and Processing Technology, Product Appearance Modeling, Interaction Design, Typical Part

Structure Design, etc. Visual communication design direction: Advertising Design, Packaging Design, CIS Design, Information

Visualization Design, UI Design, etc.