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Vitual Reality Technology and Application

Virtual Reality Technology Application

[Main Courses]

Virtual Reality Engine Fundamentals, 3D Animation Production, Image Processing Technology, Color Fundamentals,

Photography and Camera Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Programming, Virtual Reality Application System Application, 3D

Model Production, Interactive Interface Design, Animation Motion Law, 3D Design and Animation Production, Modeling

Fundamentals, Dynamic Design, Dynamic Graphic Design, VR Panoramic Material Production, Virtual Reality and Interactive

Production, Virtual Reality Project Design and Production and other special training courses.

[Employment Direction]

Virtual reality application technology is a new practical technology developed in the information age. As a new computer major, it

has a promising employment prospect. The students can be employed in design, virtual display and other related technology

and art production industries, including model design, animation production, film and television special effects design, cultural

media, and interaction. Market-oriented, the major positions currently corresponding to this major are 3D modeler, 3D animator,

3D renderer, U3D special effects engineer, UI designer, U3D development engineer and so on.