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School of Finance and Economics

School of Finance and Economics

The School of Financial Affairs was found in 2011; it servers for the local economic development of Shenzhen and closely

connects with the mainstay industries in Shenzhen. Based on the demands of financial posts, it is engaging in cultivate the

financial talents with high quality, strong skills, high employment rate and successful career establishment. Currently the college has four majors: big data and accounting, accounting information management, financial service and management and fortune management. The majors are keeping the good situation of good enrollment and employment. Currently there are 2232 students learning in the college, and the rate of first choice realization is leading in the university. The general employment rate is over 99% and there have been 5372 graduates delivered to the society since2011.

The college has a specialized teaching team with rational structure, prominent features, high level of teaching and scientific research and abundant practice experiences, and it is composed of full-time and part-time teachers. Currently it has 65 teaching staffs, in which there are 40 full-time teachers (11 of them are post-doctors, 32 of them are doctors of economic or management science from 985 or 211 universities, and their proportion in the total teachers is 80%), 20 of them have advanced professional titles (the proportion is 50%), 33 of them are “double-feature” teachers (the proportion is 82.5%). The college has also a teaching team composing of 36 full-time teachers, which are the specialized personnel in industry and enterprises, as well as masters of specialskills.

The college pays attention to the construction of training bases. It owns 20 multi-media classrooms and 18 training rooms covering the comprehensive training for the skills of financial professional posts (the total construction area is 2720 sqm);itcooperates with many famous enterprises and has constructed more than 20 ex-school practice and teaching bases,suchKingdee Software (China) Co., Ltyd, Seentao Technology Sharing Co., Ltd, Beijing China Distance Education Holdings Co., Ltd, Postal Saving Banks of China, Merchants Securities, Taiping Life Insurance, First Capital Security Co., Ltd and Servyou Group, etc.