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Accounting Information Management

Accounting Information Management

[Main Courses]

Fundamentals of Economics, Corporate Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Cost Management, Budget Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Application of Accounting Information System,PythonProgramming, RPA Financial Robot, Intelligent Financial Decision Technology, Intelligent Financial Visualization Analysis, Training on Intelligent FinancialSharing.

[Employment Direction]

Students can engage in financial accounting positions, management accounting positions, cost management positions, budget management positions, capital management positions, risk management positions, performance management positions, financial analysis positions, value chain analysis positions, big data analysis positions, etc. in various enterprises and institutions such as manufacturing and serviceindustries.


Emerging interdisciplinary majors, Guangdong higher vocational education teaching reform research and practice project construction major, Guangdong Provincial excellent resource sharing course construction major, American Certified Management Accountant (CMA) teacher guidance team, city-level university student off-campus training base construction major, school-level professional construction planning and first-class construction professional.