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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

[Main Courses]

Fundamentals of Economics, Fundamentals of Finance, Fundamentals of Accounting, Principles of Statistics, AI Advisor, Big Data Precision Marketing, Wealth Management Practices, Fundamentals of Financial Markets, Securities Investment Funds, Financial Calculation and Planning, Fundamentals of Investment, Intelligent Investment Research, Python and Quantitative Investment, Financial Data Visualization, etc.

[Employment Direction]

The students can engage in intelligent advisory, wealth management customer service, financial data visualization, precision marketing, financial product innovation, and securities brokerage business for enterprises and institutions in the banking, securities, insurance and other industries.


Wealth management, as a national backbone major, is included in the National Teaching Resource Database. It is also recognized as a Guangdong Provincial Brand Major, Professional Teaching Resource Database Developer, and winner of the first prize of Provincial Teaching Achievement Award. Based on the salary survey of graduates, we will set up a special class for

intelligent fund investment advisers since 2021.