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Automotive Intelligence Technology

Automotive Intelligence Technology

[Main Courses]

Fundamentals of Programming, Analog Electronic Technology, Introduction to Intelligent Networked Automobiles, Automobile

Mechanics, Digital Electronic Technology, Automobile SCM Program Basics, Robot Operating System (ROS), Automotive CAD,

Computer Network Technology, Introduction to AI, Intelligent Transportation System, Smart Automotive Environmental

Perception Technology, Intelligent Automotive Chassis Wire Control Technology, Intelligent Automotive Network and

Communication Technology, Intelligent Cockpit Technology, Automotive V2X Communication Technology, Integrated Testing of

Intelligent Automobiles, etc.

[Employment Direction]

Smart car product development engineers, smart car product testing and adjustment engineers, smart car product maintenance

engineers, car networking operation and maintenance engineers, as well as R&D assistants, production and manufacturing for

the production, operation, and service industries of vehicles and systems (components), operation service personnel, etc.;

engaged in sample assembly, commissioning, calibration, test of intelligent networked cars and systems (components), finished

product assembly, commissioning, calibration, testing, quality inspection and related process management, vehicle operation

and testing, maintenance, modification, appraisal and other jobs.