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Internet of Things Applied Technology

Internet of Things Applied Technology

[Main Courses]

Internet of Things Technology and Application, Wireless Sensor Network Technology, Sensor Technology and Application,

Radio Frequency Identification Technology and Application, Comprehensive Application Development of the Internet of Things,

Data Mining and Deep Learning Application Development, Robot Visual Recognition Technology and Application, Big Data and

Cloud Computing Technology, Huawei IoT Certification Practice, IoT Comprehensive Application Training (smart city


[Employment Direction]

In IoT service companies such as Tencent, JD.com, Alibaba, etc., engaged in cloud platform system maintenance, data

collection and analysis, online service business development, marketing and after-sales work; in IoT smart product companies

such as Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, etc., engaged in production inspection management, product sales, technical support and after

sales service of smart terminal equipment; engaged in the development and testing and technical support of embedded system

design software and hardware in embedded IoT device design and manufacturing companies such as ARM China, Hikvision,

etc. Engaged in the management and maintenance of the Internet of Things system platform in the Internet of Things business

departments of large enterprises and institutions such as banks, securities companies and subways.


Through the study of this major, students can obtain high-end certifications such as HCIA, HCIP and HCIE of Huawei's Internet

of Things, AI, cloud computing and big data. This major has established the first ARM China Embedded AI Demonstration Base

in China with ARM, an internationally renowned AI company, and the Internet of Things Training Demonstration Base with China

Unicom. Relying on the training base that leads the domestic AI + Internet of Things, the Internet of Things application

technology major trains students' ability modules such as Internet of Things data collection, Internet of Things equipment

management, data analysis and intelligent applications.