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Modern Communication Technology

Modern Communication Technology

[Main Courses]

Modern Communication System, Digital Communication Technology, Data Communication Technology, Optical Fiber Communication Technology, SDN Architecture and Implementation, Smart Metropolitan Area Network Technology, Routing and Switching (HCIA- R&S Huawei Certification, HCIP- R&S Huawei Certification), Cloud Service (HCIA- Cloud Service Huawei.


Mainly find employment in Information System Integration Services, Information System Consulting Services, Cloud Storage Technical Support, Cloud Service Technical Support and Other Industries. Positions include: Assistant Engineer for Enterprise Network Operation and Maintenance, Assistant Engineer for Communication System Maintenance, Communication Network Administrator, Assistant Engineer for Cloud Planning, Design and Implementation Services, Assistant Engineer forCloudSecurity Services, etc. This major relies on the college jointly established with Huawei; "Huawei ICT Academy" and "Kunpeng Industry Academy” ; it is also a pilot major in the direction of Huawei's "1+X" Certificate Network Construction and Operation and Maintenance, which can help students complete on campus the training and examination of a number of certifications which have higher recognition in theindustry.