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School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment

School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment

The School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment faces the key fields in the industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing in Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau – intelligent control and high-speed and high-accuracy equipment, etc; it deepens the incorporation of production and teaching and formulates the long-effective mechanism of cooperation among industry, college and institute. The college takes the regional industrial features into consideration and integrates and constructs the major group of intelligent manufacturing. Now the college has four majors of advanced professional education: mechanical design and manufacture (including three directions: digitalized design and manufacture, equipment for intelligent manufacture and precise test technology), intelligent control technology (including two directions of mechatronics and industrial robot), intelligent product development (the direction of industrial design) and intelligent photoelectric manufacture technology (the direction of laser processing), and it has also one undergraduate major (automation); there are over 1700 students learning in this college.



The college persists employment-orientation; centering on effective teaching, it has been exploring the talent cultivating mode meeting the social demands; based on the advantages of innovative city of Shenzhen, powerful teaching team and first- rank education hardware resources, the college is now practicing dual education.

A first-rank team of full-time and part-time teachers with powerful teaching and scientific research abilities, strong service idea and lofty teacher’s ethics has been established in the college; currently it has 62 teaching staffs and they are elected in the excellent teaching teams of Guangdong Province. 7 of them have senior professional titles, 45 have deputy senior professional titles and 27 of them have middle professional titles; there are 34 doctors and 10 masters; there are one specially-appointed professor (Zhujiang River Scholar) and one chair professor; there is one national excellent teacher (receiver of May 1LaborMedal of Guangdong Province), one famous teacher in Guangdong Province and one excellent teacher in Guangdong; there is one local leading talent in Shenzhen, one elite of skills and one good technician in Shenzhen. Currently the team hasfiveuniversity-level major leaders; and the proportion of part-time teachers (dominated by the first-line technicians in enterprise) and full-time teachers is 1:1. The instruction commission of major teaching of the college is composed of famous senior managers of the famous domestic enterprises and experiencedtechnicians.