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Intelligent Control Technology

Intelligent Control Technology

[Main Courses]

PLC Control of Mechatronics Equipment, Application of Mechatronics Technology, Siemens PLC Programming Technology,

Automatic Production Line Installation and Debugging, Motor Control Technology, Application of Mechatronics Technology,

Industrial Robots and Manipulators, Industrial Robot Programming Technology, Advanced Applications of Industrial Robot

Simulation, Advanced Applications of Industrial Robots.

[Employment Direction]

Intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend of the technological progress, and graduates of this major have very good

employment prospects. Employment is mainly oriented to the key industries in the Made in China 2025 that the country

vigorously advocates. Employers are mainly high-tech companies in the Pearl River Delta, especially in Shenzhen, including

industrial robot development and application companies, intelligent manufacturing production companies, and information

technology development companies. Graduates can be engaged in product design, sales, production and maintenance.


This major was established in 2004 and is a key major of Guangdong Province. It has the only open public training base for

industrial robots of the Ministry of Education in Guangdong Province, an off-campus training base for college students in

Guangdong Province, and a public training base in Shenzhen. There are training labs supported by large companies such as

Siemens, ABB, FANUC, Mitsubishi, etc. Mainly oriented to digital intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots and related fields.

Students can obtain certifications from Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi and other foreign companies in related technical fields. The

trainees who have obtained certificates in the past have become technical backbones, and they have received 50%-150%

salaries higher than those of ordinary technicians.

With the strong support of this professional engineering center, the 16th graduate Ye Junxiong won the first prize of the

employee group in the second national industrial robot technology application skill competition of the 2017 China Skills

Competition-"Eft Dongliang Cup" "National Technical Expert", "National Youth Position Expert" honorary title, and promotion to a

national vocational qualification, according to Shenzhen "Shenzhen Talent Certification Standards (2015)", will be recognized as

a local-level leading talent and enjoy a reward subsidy of 2 million yuan. In 2018, the 2016 graduate Wu Hongchi won the title of

Guangdong Province Technical Expert, and has been identified as a reserve-level leader, rewarding a subsidy of 1.6 million