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Intelligent Optoelectronic Manufacturing Technology

Intelligent Optoelectronic Manufacturing Technology

[Main Courses]

Optical Components and Applications, Laser Principles and Technology, Laser Processing Technology, Laser Processing

Equipment, Laser Detection Technology and Applications, Modern Laser Manufacturing Technology, Mechanical Drawing,

Engineering Mathematics, C Programming, Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Technology, Computer-aided Drawing,

Mechanical Fundamentals, Material Science Fundamentals, Product Three-dimensional Modeling and Structural Design,

Additive Manufacturing Technology, Professional English, CNC Machining Programming, SolidWorks Training and Certification,

Robotics Basics, Project Management and other courses, as well as Basic Laser Training, Comprehensive Laser Processing

Training, concentrated practice courses such as graduation comprehensive project training and internship (graduation works).

[Employment Direction]

Located in the whole chain of enterprises in the laser industry chain of the Pearl River Delta, graduates can engage in laser

assembly and testing, laser processing equipment assembly and operation, laser processing technologists, technical service

engineers, marketing and sales and other positions.


Laser is a sunrise industry. At present, the ratio of the number of graduates of this major required by enterprises to the number

of graduates of this major is more than 10:1. The demand for graduates exceeds supply, and the salary is higher than the

average level of fresh graduates. The average salary after 1 year of graduation is up to 7000-8000 yuan, more than 10,000

yuan for outstanding ones. Companies such as Han's Laser, United Winners, Hymson, Chuangxin Laser, HGTECH, MKS

(China) and JPT Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. are all professional school-enterprise cooperation units that can achieve the direct

delivery of high-end technical talents. Thanks to the cultivation of comprehensive quality, typical innovation and entrepreneurship

representatives emerge in each session.