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Intelligent Product Development

Intelligent Product Development

[Main Courses]

Design Sketch and Color, Design Basics, Basis of Composition, Product Hand Drawing, Graphic Design, Computer- aided

Industrial Design, Product Three-dimensional Modeling, Product Structure Design, Ergonomics, 3D Printing Technology,

Product Model Making, Reverse Product Development, Circuit Design and Production, Single-chip Application Technology, etc.

[Employment Direction]

In large foreign companies such as LG and Samsung, engaged in product design, product structure design, display model

production, product marketing and after-sales technical support; in large domestic communication companies such as ZTE and

Huawei, engaged in product design of communication equipment and smartphones, product sales, technical support and after

sales service; in large domestic companies such as Lenovo, Haier, TCL, engaged in new product design, display model design

and production, product sales and after-sales technical support; the design department of large-scale professional design

companiess such as Shenzhen Jialantu and etc., engaged in the design and development of new products.