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Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

[Main Courses]

Mechanical Drawing, Computer-aided Drawing, Mechanical Fundamentals, Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic

Technology, Product Three-dimensional Modeling and Structural Design, Tolerance Matching and Technical Measurement,

CNC Machine Tool Principle, Reverse Engineering and Rapid Manufacturing, Mold Design and Manufacturing, Machine Tool

Fixture Design and Manufacturing, Precision Mechanical Assembly, CNC Machining Programming, CNC Machine Tool

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance, Measurement Management and Quality Control, Three-dimensional Operation

and Application, Measurement Instrument Verification and Adjustment, Industrial Robots and Manipulators, and Optical and

Electrical Integration Technology.

[Employment Direction]

Graduates of this major are suitable for technical development and technical management of related companies in the field of

intelligent manufacturing, such as industrial product design and development, intelligent manufacturing equipment installation

and commissioning, mold and fixture tooling design and manufacturing, CNC machining programming, product precision testing,

measurement and quality control, etc., as well as the marketing, production and quality management of enterprises in related

industries. Cultivate high-end application technical talents in the fields of digital design and manufacturing, intelligent

manufacturing equipment, measurement and precision testing for high-tech enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing.


This major is a demonstration major of equipment manufacturing in national vocational colleges of the Ministry of Education and

a key construction major of a first-class school in Guangdong Province. Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the national

economy. At present, the intelligent manufacturing industry is developing rapidly around the world. The mechanical design and

manufacturing profession keeps up with the trend of the times, and offers three professional directions: intelligent manufacturing

equipment, digital design and manufacturing, and precision testing technology, all of which fall in the core technology field of

intelligent manufacturing. The mechanical design and manufacturing major was established in 2003. After more than ten years of

construction, the current achievements include: the third batch of national modern apprenticeship pilot majors, the national

vocational college equipment manufacturing demonstration major of the Ministry of Education, the central financial support

construction major, Guangdong Province Demonstration Major, Guangdong Province Brand Building Major, Guangdong

Province First-Class School Key Construction Major, National Numerical Control Technology Application Professional Field

Skilled Talent Training and Training Base, National Manufacturing Information Training Center Three-dimensional CAD

Education and Training Base, DS Solidworks (CSWA) Global Examination Authorized Examination Center, National 3D Printing

Stylists Examination and Training Base, Shenzhen High-Skilled Talent Training Base, etc.