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School of Management

The School of Management

The School of Management is the secondary college of full-time education affiliated to Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology. The Department of Information Economy was established in November, 2003. It was re-organized to the School of Commercial Management (also the School of E-Commerce) in September, 2011. The School of Commercial Management formally changed its name to the School of Management in January, 2018.

Currently the college has six majors, e-commerce, modern logistics management, business administration, cultural industry operation and management, custom affairs and foreign trade services and international business; they are the key construction projects for the institute to construct the national backbone professional college and the main departments for the province-level high-level construction of the first-rank professional colleges. The teachers of this college are composed of 80 full-time teachers with high quality and high academic qualification, and 40 part-time teachers from enterprises with abundant experiences, in which there are 55 full-time teachers in teaching post, 11 student instructors, 13 full-time teaching managerial persons(includingmanagerialpersonnelintrainingroom);inthecollegethereare3professors,28associatedprofessorsand

38 doctors; the proportion of doctors in the full-time doctors exceeds 69.1%; there are more than 40 “double-feature” teachers and one chair professor (Zhujiang River Scholar). Up to December 12, there are 60 natural full-time classes in the college (in which there are two undergraduate classes), 19 classes on academic background promotion for ex-school talents with strong skills and one class of ex-school enterprise of modern apprentice system.

The college has constructed a batch of excellent courses represented by The Practices of E-Commerce and it has constructed one national elite course (resource sharing) (2 projects), four province-level elite courses (resource sharing and online opening), 26 various kinds of university-level elite courses and 40 university-level online courses. The total sum of investment is 25 million Yuan; it has also constructed 16 training rooms in the college with the total area of 3000 sqm; it has constructed province-level college training base and more than 40 ex-school practice and training bases, in which there are three province-level ex-school training bases for university students and 9 public training bases in Shenzhen, and they have warranted the successful practices and teaching. In the recent years, the persons in the department have conducted 16 projects of province and ministry-level teaching and scientific research, 38 urban-level such projects, applied for 15 patents for scientific research and edited and published more than 20 textbooks. The students have been awarded the first prize “Wuqiang Cup” logistics skill contest for advanced professional colleges in China and many other prizes in various kinds of contests; the major of e-commerce has become the key construction major for national backbone colleges, the province-level demonstrative major, the province-level type II brand major; the major of modern logistics management becomes the province-level type II brand major and the major with high-level construction in the first-rank professional colleges in Guangdong Province; the major of custom affairs and foreign trade becomes the university-level key major.