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Cultural Industry Operation and Management

Cultural Industry Operation and Management

[Main Courses]

Event Planning Practice, Event Marketing Planning, New Media Marketing, Exhibition Planning, Festival Event Planning and

Management, New Media Content Production, Cultural Industry Project Management, Creative Thinking Training, Writing

Thinking Training, Graphic Design, Brand Management Practice, Shared Relationship Management, New Media Copywriting,

General Cultural Theory, Advertising Practice, Consumer Behavior Analysis, Financial Management Practice, Art Appreciation

and Promotion, etc. Supporting arrangements have been made for training projects such as Event Planning and Execution, New

Media Marketing, Marketing Planning, Cultural Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Business Simulation, to promote the application

of what has been learned and enhance practical capabilities.

[Employment Direction]

New media operations, content creative planning and production, event planning and execution, marketing planning and

execution, publicity promotion, live video planning and execution, graphic design, comprehensive affairs management, etc. in

various market entities in the cultural industry field and enterprises and institutions in other fields.


As one of Shenzhen’s seven strategic emerging industries, Shenzhen’s cultural and creative industries are developing

rapidly. The development model of "culture + technology", "culture + finance", and "culture + tourism" is taking shape, promoting

the integration and development of new industry formats such as "culture + manufacturing", "culture + e-commerce", "culture +

Internet", and It has an obvious role in leading industrial upgrading. The effect of industrial agglomeration has become

increasingly apparent. It has become one of the four pillar industries together with high-tech, logistics and finance. At present,

there are more than 50,000 cultural and creative enterprises in Shenzhen, hiring more than one million employees. With the rapid

development of the cultural industry, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Shenzhen have a growing

shortage of cultural and creative talents, especially new media operations talents, among which there is a gap of more than

40,000 high-quality skilled talents. According to an analysis report of Mycos in recent years, the employment matching rate of

cultural industry management and management graduates of our school and the satisfaction of professional teachers are

among the forefront of our school's majors. The students are highly competitive in the job market.

We warmly welcome everyone to apply for the cultural industry operation and management major.