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[Main Courses]

Basic courses mainly include Comprehensive English, Spoken English, English Pronunciation and Intonation, English Learning Strategies, Business Copywriting and Translation, Business English, Certificate Courses, Practical Writing, Professional Image and Etiquette, etc. According to employment needs, the Business English major has three directions of business, education and tourism, and different professional courses are offered according to different needs. Professional courses in the business direction include Import and Export Business, Cross-border E-commerce, Professional English for Cross-border E-commerce, Business Data Analysis, Foreign Trade Correspondence, International Trade Practice, Marketing Practice, NewMedia Marketing and other courses. Educational professional courses include Psychology, Pedagogy, English Subject KnowledgeandTeaching Ability, English Lesson Teaching Design, English Teacher Professionalism and Teaching Management, Teacher Professional Ethics and Laws andRegulations.

Professional courses for tourism include: Tour Guide Fundamentals, Catering Services and Management, Tour Guide Practice, Introduction to Guangdong Tourism Resources, English for Tour Guides, Hotel English, etc.

[Employment Direction]

Foreign trade clerk, foreign trade merchandiser, cross-border e-commerce clerk, international freight forwarder, bank counter saver, English teacher, administrative assistant, business clerk, copywriting planner, comprehensive clerk, manager assistant, tour guide, hotel staff, etc. The main employers are: Tencent ABC Mouse Children’s English Park, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Group, Wal-Mart (Shenzhen) Department Store Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Vicson Industrial Co., Ltd., Leadshow Global Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zhongjian Chuangtuo Trading Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huayun International Logistics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Haizhihua Communication Co., Ltd., Shenzhen China International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Tourism Association, Shenzhen Steward Hotel Management Co., Ltd., China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Agriculture Bank, Standard Chartered Bank Shenzhen Branch, Shenzhen Concert Hall,etc.