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International Business

International Business

[Main Courses]

Introduction to International Business, International Trade Practices, International Business Documents, Foreign Trade

Documentary Practices, International Business Negotiations, Foreign Trade English Correspondence, International Business

English, Cross-border E-commerce, Cross-border E-commerce Operations, Cross-border E-commerce Marketing, Business

Data Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, Cross-border E-commerce Logistics, International Financial Practice,

International Commercial Law, etc.

[Employment Direction]

Foreign trade clerk, foreign trade merchandiser, international business document clerk, international business assistant, cross

border e-commerce operation and other jobs in foreign-related enterprises, responsible for international market marketing,

international exhibition business, import and export business negotiation and negotiation, and contract signing and fulfilling the

work, and the operation of cross-border e-commerce.


With the further expansion of China’s opening policy, the Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao

Greater Bay Area strategy, China’s foreign economy and trade will develop more vigorously, and the demand for international

business professionals will increase significantly. The main jobs include foreign trade salespersons and foreign trade

merchandisers, foreign trade document clerks, cross-border e-commerce operators, and international business assistants. On

the basis of mastering the basic theoretical


the international business

major has signed school-enterprise

cooperation agreements with many industry


to provide students with

internship, employment training and

recommendation opportunities, which will improve students' practical ability, and enable students to master international trade

operations and cross-border occupational skills for e-commerce operation, thus helping them get qualified for jobs. International

business students have won the group special prize in the National Foreign Trade Skills Competition and the first prize in the

Internet + International Trade Skills Competition. The students have been welcomed by employers after graduation.