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School of Microelectronics

School of Microelectronics

The School of Microelectronics (hereinafter referred to as the college) was founded in February, 2021; as the first school of microelectronics of advanced professional college in China, the school is connected with the mainstay industry of integrated circuit in Shenzhen and the Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, and it is constructing the major group of microelectronic technology with “one chip”, it is engaging in cultivating the high-end technical talents for entire chain of the industry: chip design-chip verification-chip encapsulation-chip test-chip intelligence.

Currently there are four majors in this college: integrated circuit technology, microelectronics technology, applicationofintelligent optoelectronic technology and intelligent product development and application. The major of microelectronics focuses on chip design and verification, the major of integrated circuit technology focuses on FPGA verification and encapsulation of chip as well as development of test application; the major of application of intelligent optoelectronic technology focuses on the application of chip in the field of intelligent optoelectronics; the major of intelligent product development and application focuses on the development and application of intelligent chip products. Currently there are 675 students in the college and there have been more than 2160 students graduating from this college and working in all fields ofsociety.

Currently the college has 59 teaching staffs, in which 46 of them are full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers,thereare 3 professors, 14 associate professors (including senior engineers and associate research fellows), and 42 of them have education background of doctor. The college has one province-level teaching team of Guangdong, one gold medal receiver of the First Professional Skill Contest of the People’s Republic of China (the project of optoelectronic technology), one national technical expert, one person being awarded “May 1 Labor Medal” and “May 4 Youth Medal” in Guangdong Province,onespecially-appointed professor (“Shenzhen Scholar”), 4 persons in “Serial Famous Teacher Project” of Guangdong Province (1 of province level and 3 of university level), one excellent young teacher in Guangdong Province and 8 high-level talents inShenzhen.

In the recent 5 years, the teachers in this college have conducted and participated in 4 projects of National Natural Science Funds, 10 projects of provincial natural science funds and provincial scientific and technologic projects, 15 projects of urban scientific and technologic projects and 20 university-level projects; there are altogether government-sponsored projects withthetotal expenditure of 10.18 million Yuan; the college conducts and participates in the enterprise topics, and the sum of such scientific research expenditure to the account is 2.98 million Yuan; there have been 148 papers published, including 33 published in SCI journals, 14 published in EI journals, 30 papers published in EI conference documents, 29 papers published in Chinese core journals and 63 papers published in common Chinese journals and conference documents; the college has obtained 30 authorized patents, including 7 patents of invention, 38 patents of utility model, 4 items of software copyright,andone item of design right of integrated circuit layout; the college has been awarded with one second prize of national teaching achievement, it has also constructed 3 courses in national teaching resource library and 17 courses of multimedia textbook resource (cooperating with enterprises) and published 17textbooks.

The college has one province-level training base on electronic technology, 3 urban-level ex-school practice and teaching base for university students, and 40 enterprises cooperating with the college. The value of the equipment and simulated teaching software donated by the enterprises has exceeded for more than 16 million Yuan; the college and the enterpriseshavecooperated to construct five training rooms, one industry-level rapid encapsulation center, one testing center, one failure analysis center and 12 specialized training rooms in the college; the total construction area exceeds more than 2500 sqmandthe total value of the assets exceeds 40 millionYuan.