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Integrated Circuit Technology

Integrated Circuit Technology

[Main Courses]

The main courses are set up around the employment positions of packaging and testing, design, application and sales. They are

Digital System Design, Integrated Circuit Testing Technology, Integrated Circuit Layout Design, Integrated Circuit Packaging

Technology, Digital IC Back- end Design, and Digital Integrated Circuit Verification.

[Employment Direction]

Graduates of this major can apply for jobs related to chip design and test verification in integrated circuit technology application

companies; chip sales in multinational chip companies and trading companies; smart product hardware design, application

software development and product testing in integrated circuit companies; chip packaging, testing and quality inspection in chip

packaging testing companies

[Employment Direction]

With the vigorous development of artificial intelligence (AI), smart products, and Internet of Things technology, Shenzhen's

integrated circuit design industry and smart product design industry have developed rapidly. The integrated circuit design

industry in Shenzhen accounts for more than one-third of the national integrated circuit design industry.

This major cooperates with Micro & Nano Institute and National Integrated Circuit Design Shenzhen Industrialization Base to

build a national Core Fire platform talent training base for the entire IC design process. It also co-builds the third-generation

semiconductor talent training base with Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association and the Third Generation Semiconductor

Industry Alliance. More than 30 off-campus training bases have been established, providing a large number of internships and

employment opportunities for graduates every year. The students of this major have participated in the vocational skill

competition and won a number of national and provincial first prizes. The graduate students have become the technical

backbone of many well-known microelectronics companies in Shenzhen. Some graduates who are engaged in chip sales have

earned a monthly income of more than 20,000 yuan and have become senior white-collars.