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Intelligent Optoelectronic Technology Application

Intelligent Optoelectronic Technology Application

[Main Courses]

Intelligent Display Technology and Application, Lighting Simulation and Design, Intelligent Lighting Product Detection Technology,

Intelligent Lighting Design and Application, Photoelectric Sensing Technology and Application, Internet of Things Application

Development, Photoelectric Technology Application, PCB Design and Production (Altium), Quality Management, Electronics

Engineering Drawing, Single- chip Application Development, Electronic Product Production, Optoelectronic Information

Technology, Electronic Product Marketing, Integrated Training of Smart Optoelectronic Device Application, Display Design and

Smart Control System Application Training, Integrated Training of Smart Lighting and Control Engineering, etc.

[Employment Direction]

In optoelectronics companies, such as TCL, Cree, Philips, BYD, Huaxing Optoelectronics, Unilumin Technology, Jufei

Optoelectronics, Leyard, Lehman Co., Ltd. and other well-known domestic and foreign companies, engaged in the optical

design and structural design of smart LED lighting and display products, thermal design, circuit design, etc.; engaged in

development, production management, debugging, testing and certification in smart lighting and display product manufacturers;

smart lighting and display product marketing and application planning.


Optoelectronics technology has become a new event in the 46th WorldSkills Competition, which meets the needs of the

selection and use of professional skills, and at the same time provides a more open and cooperative communication platform for

related professionals from all over the world.

The professional establishment of the optoelectronic technology international talent training standard and international training

sub-center has trained experts, players and students from more than 10 countries.