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Intelligent Product Development and Application

Intelligent Product Development and Application

[Main Courses]

Circuit Basis, Electronic Technology, C Programming, Intelligent Sensor Technology, Intelligent Product PCB Design and

Production, Electronic Product Production, STM32 Application Development, Intelligent Product Testing Technology, Intelligent

Product Development, Python Programming Basics, Intelligent Product Comprehensive Project Training, Innovation and

Entrepreneurship Education, etc.

[Employment Direction]

Mainly for companies related to the application and development of smart products in the fields of smart wearable devices, smart

home, security monitoring, smart buildings, Internet of Things, etc., and cooperate with ZTE Corporation, Xiaomi Group,

Emerson Energy Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and other electronic information companies to train high-quality

skilled talents engaged in smart product development plan development, smart product design and development, smart product

assembly and adjustment, and smart product operation and maintenance.