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School of Sino-German Robotics

School of Sino-German Robotics

School of Sino- German Robotics belongs to the projects of deep cooperation and interaction on professional education between China and German with the agreement signed between Education Bureau of Shenzhen and the Department of Culture and Education of Bavaria; it is the secondary college operated under the cooperation between the university and the Department of Culture and Education of Bavaria; it was founded in March, 2017 and enrolled the first batch of the students in September, 2017. The Germany idea of professional education is introduced to this college; with the reference to the dual mode and specialized curriculum standards in German and with “elite teaching, small-scale class management and individualized development” as the features of college operation, it will. Cultivate the international talents with compound skills, international views and craftsmanship spirit.

Currently the college has 38 teaching staffs, in which 12 of them have the deputy senior or higher profession titles. 95% of the full-time teachers are doctors, and they have abundant experiences of working and practice in enterprise. 60% of the teachers have worked or learned in Germany. Currently the college has set three majors: industrial robot technology, industrial Internet technology and embedded technology application. A new major of UAV applied technology is established in 2021.

Currently there are 476 students of three grades learning in the college. The graduation rate of the students of the first batch in 2017 was 97.84%. After being enrolled, if the students can complete all the regulated courses and pass the relevant examination in the professional college, they will be awarded the certificate of junior college issued by the college and the German certificate on technician and they can select to work; if they have excellent performance and want to make advanced studies, they can start their undergraduate learning in the relevant colleges in Germany and UK with the Germany certificatesontechnician, and they will obtain corresponding undergraduatecertificates.

The college keeps up with the development tendency of society and economy in Shenzhen tightly, and it focuses on the key fields of digital transformation strategy, such as AI robot and digital network; based on the industrial development in Great Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, it will deepen the cooperation between college and enterprise, the incorporation of industry and teaching and construct the exterior service platform as well as the R&D and innovation bases along with the enterprises; it will strive to explore the mode modern professional education of cultivating the talents with international view and construct the demonstrative college of professional education under the cooperation between China and Germany.