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Embedded Technology Application

Embedded Technology Application

[Main Courses]

Machine Vision Application Development, Intelligent Robot System Application Development, ARM Embedded System Development, ARM Application Development Basics (Android), Embedded Linux operating system application, embedded Android Project Design and Development, C Programming, Python Programming, Digital Circuit Basics, Microcontroller Development and Application, Robot Operating System (ROS) Application Programming, Edge Computing AI Application Development, Intelligent Robot Technology and Application, Python Artificial Intelligence Application, Machine Vision Application Development 1+X Research.

Practice: Embedded Application Basic Training, Vocational Skill Level Certificate Verification Practice, Machine Vision Application Development Training, Embedded Android Project Development Training, Intelligent Robot System Application Development Training and Post Internship (graduation work), etc.

[Employment Direction]

Embedded artificial intelligence software engineer, embedded system integration engineer, embedded front-end development engineer, machine vision application (assistant) engineer, intelligent software development engineer, embedded system test engineer, IoT embedded software engineer, technical support and product sales Engineer, embedded application software development engineer, Android AI application and development engineer.