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Industrial Internet Technology

Industrial Internet Technology

[Main Courses]

C Programming, Python Programming, Web Front-end Development, IoT Full-stack Development, Industrial App Development, Industrial Data Collection and Application, Industrial Field Communication Technology, Industrial Internet Introduction, etc.

Practice: Web Front-end Development Training, Industrial Internet Networking and Management Training, Industrial Internet Comprehensive Project Training, Enterprise Application Development Training, Industrial App Design Training, Internet of Things Comprehensive Application Project Training, Post Internship, etc.

[Employment Direction]

Industrial Internet network operation and maintenance, industrial Internet network management, industrial APP development and maintenance, industrial big data analysis, smart home applications, Internet of Things product development, Web front-end development, software product testing engineers, and industrial Internet network equipment sales and technical support personnel. This major will strive to cultivate a group of technical backbones in various technical positions in Shenzhen's industrial Internet industry in the future.


This major does not recruit people with incomplete monochrome recognition.