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Industrial Robotics Technology

Industrial Robotics Technology

[Main Courses]

Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronic Technology, Digital Circuit Basics, Motor Control Technology, PLC Control, C Programming, Industrial Robotics Fundamentals, Advanced Industrial Robot Application, Automatic Generation Line Technology, etc. Practice: Electrician Training, Comprehensive Motor Control Training, PLC Control Comprehensive Training, Basic Training of Industrial Robotics, Comprehensive Application Training of ABB Industrial Robots, Comprehensive Application Training of KEBA Industrial Robots, and Post Internship.

[Employment Direction]

Industrial robot operation programmers, industrial robot technicians, industrial robot management and maintenance technicians, automation equipment installation and commissioning technicians and automation equipment design engineers and other positions, engaged in the simulation, programming, debugging, operation, sales and maintenance of industrial robot application systems, maintenance and management, engaged in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, overhaul, management and sales of industrial automation equipment and automated production lines.


This major does not recruit people with incomplete monochrome recognition.