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UAV Applied Technology

UAV Applied Technology

[Main Courses]

UAV Assembly and Debugging, UAV Simulation Flight, UAV Flight Control Technology, UAV Aerial Photography Technology, UAV Surveying and Mapping Technology, etc.

[Employment Direction]

There are a wide range of companies in the UAV- related industries, such as traditional industries: electric power inspection, aerial surveying and mapping, security, agricultural plant protection and other application fields; in addition, there are high-techcompanies such as UAV research and development, film and television aerial photography and UAV formation. For enterprises and institutions, drone technicians are the core technical engineers of drone- related enterprises and institutions. They are responsible for the main tasks of the practical application and service of drone technology. They are the leading force inthedrone technology team, creating great value for enterprises and institutions. For individuals, drone technicians are anewchannel for promotion from technical post to technical management, and a new direction for personal career planning and development. Graduates of this major can engage in UAV assembly and debugging, UAV pilot general technical positions, and can also engage in UAV product research and development, UAV aerial photography, UAV surveying and mapping, and unmanned drones, sales and customer service, technical service and otherpositions.