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School of Traffic and Environment

School Of Traffic And Environment

The School of Traffic and Environment has five majors: urban rail transit operation and management, construction engineering management, garden engineering and technology, environment supervision technology and environment engineering and technology. There are 1469 students learning in the college currently, and it has delivered 3242 graduates to the society since 2004 when it began to enroll students; the average employment rate and graduation rate are over95%.

The college pays high attention to the construction of teacher’s team, and it owns a high-level teacher team. Currentlyitowns 61 teaching staffs, in which 4 of them have senior professional titles, 23 of them have deputy senior professional titles and 21 middle professional titles; there are 32 doctors and 16 masters. The college deeply performs the cooperation between college and enterprise as well as incorporation between industry and teaching; it cooperates with 38 famous enterprises in the industry; the college has a team of ex-school part-time teachers which is influential in industry and enterprises so as to meet the demands of teaching. The teachers in the college perform the teaching reform and scientific and technologic R&D actively; currently the college owns the demonstrative major point of traffic and transportation in professional college of China, one of the key majors of the first batch in Guangdong Province (urban rail transit operation and management), the backbone major in the action of innovation and management of professional education of the Ministry of Education, brand major in Guangdong Province (environment engineering and technology), excellent teaching team in Guangdong Province (environment supervision technology), education and training base for advanced professional colleges in Guangdong Province (construction engineering and technology), training base of environment engineering in Guangdong Province and three ex-school practice and teaching bases of Guangdong Province for university students (Shenzhen Metro – urban rail transit operation, International Low Carbon City - environment engineering, Shenzhen Construction Labor Agency) and 5 elite courses for resources sharing in Guangdong Province). Now it has 130 government-sponsored education and scientific research projects (67 scientific research projects); the sum of contractual expenditure is 16.02 million Yuan (the sum of scientific research expenditure is 14 million Yuan); the sum of assorted expenditure 4.65 million Yuan (4.31 million Yuan for scientific research), the sum of expenditure to the account is about 8.3 million Yuan (9.2 million Yuan for scientific research); the college also has 25 enterprise-sponsored projects with the contractual expenditure of 5.39 million Yuan and the sum of expenditure to the account is 4.62 million Yuan, in which there are 8 projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 10 projects of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province and 26 projects of the science and technology plan in Shenzhen; it was awarded the title of the civilization post for women of Guangdong Province in 2014; the students have achieved abundant prizes in the skillcontests.