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Construction Engineering Management

Construction Engineering Management

[Main Courses]

Engineering Drawing, Engineering CAD, Building Structure and Construction Drawing, Building Structure, Building Materials,

Modern Construction Engineering Measurement Technology, Intelligent Construction Technology, Ground and Foundation,

Project Progress Information Management, Project Cost Information Management, Flat Law Recognition and Drawing Rebar

Calculation, Construction

Engineering Quality and Safety Management, Engineering Bidding and Contract Management,

Construction Information

Management, Construction Equipment, Construction Economy, Construction BIM Technology

Application, Structural BIM Technology Application, Construction BIM Technology Application, Mechanical and Electrical BIM

Fundamentals, Cost BIM Technical Application, Prefabricated Building BIM Fundamentals, Building Steel Structure Construction,

Prefabricated Building Construction, Construction Engineering New Technology, Comprehensive Training of Engineering


[Employment Direction]

There are many employment opportunities for graduates of this major. After graduation, they can enter construction engineering

companies and decoration engineering companies to work as bidders, constructors, surveyors, quality officers, safety officers,

cost officers, technicians, data officers, materials officers, BIM engineers, etc.; enter architectural design company, decoration

design company to work as draftsman, design assistant and other positions; enter construction supervision company to work as

supervisor, quality officer, safety officer, technician, data officer, cost officer, bidder, etc.; enter engineering consulting companies

and cost consulting companies and engage in jobs such as cost officers, bidders, technicians, etc.; enter urban construction

management departments, real estate development companies, and engage in jobs such as technicians, quality officers, safety

officers, data officers, cost officers, and bidders; enter other positions and companies such as construction labor service

companies and property management companies and engage in technical positions. After acquiring work experience, they can

apply for national registered construction engineer, registered cost engineer, registered supervision engineer, registered safety

engineer and other practicing qualification certificates, and then be hired for high-level positions such as project manager,

engineering director, contract budget director and so on.