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Environmental Engineering Technology

Environmental Engineering Technology

[Main Courses]

Principles of Environmental Engineering, ATUOCAD Drawing and Modeling, Environmental Data Analysis and Life Cycle

Assessment, Large- scale Instrument Analysis and simulation, Smart Environmental Monitoring, Water Pollution Control

Technology, Air Pollution Control Technology, Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Technology, Soil Pollution Remediation

Technology, Smart Environmental Protection Management System, Environmental Protection Equipment, Environmental

Pollution Control Facility Operation Management, Pipeline Network Information Design and Control, PLC Automatic Control

Technology, Water Treatment Process Intelligent Control, BIM Application Technology, Environmental Engineering Construction

Technology, Water Delivery System Automation Control Training, Water Pollution Control Technology Training, Air Pollution

Control Technology Training, Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Training, Soil Pollution Remediation Technology Training,

Environmental Protection Equipment Training, Environmental Pollution Control Facility Operation Management Training,

Environmental Engineering Technology Comprehensive Training, etc.

[Employment Direction]

Suitable for environmental protection and governance jobs in water companies, environmental protection engineering design

and construction companies, government environmental protection management departments, environmental protection

equipment companies, environmental evaluation agencies, municipal engineering design institutes, third- party environmental

protection companies, and pollution control departments of various companies.