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Environmental Monitoring Technology

Environmental Monitoring Technology

[Main Courses]

Water Environment Monitoring, Atmospheric Environment Monitoring, Solid Waste and Soil Monitoring, Biological Monitoring,

Physical Pollution Detection and Control, Marine Environment Monitoring, Groundwater Environment Monitoring, Indoor

Environment Testing, Basic Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Impact Assessment,

Environmental Ecology, Environmental Management, Environmental Data Analysis and Processing, Laboratory Safety and

Protection, Testing Laboratory Management, Water Environment Monitoring Training, Atmospheric Environment Monitoring

Training, Solid Waste and Soil Monitoring Training, Physical Pollution Detection and Control Training, Construction and

Decoration Materials Testing Training, Indoor Environment Testing Training, On- the- job training, etc.

[Employment Direction]

Graduates are suitable for environmental testing, environmental monitoring, environmental governance, environmental

consulting, environmental evaluation and laboratory management at environmental protection monitoring departments at all

levels, government environmental protection management departments, third- party testing agencies, environmental protection

companies, quality inspection departments, disease control centers and metrology technology supervision departments.