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1.Visit website: english.sziit.edu.cn, go to Enrollment column, download Application Form for International Student; 

2.Send the scanned application form together with other application documents (filling in order) to lixy@sziit.edu.cn before July 1. ( All documents will not be returned);

Healthy internationals and citizens from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan aged 18-30;

Graduated from senior high school or above with no failed subjects;

Language proficiency requirements: the Chinese proficiency for disciplines and majors with Chinese as the teaching language shall reach HSK Level 4 at least. HSK Level 4 certificate is not required for applicants who have studied in a Chinese school for more than two years.

Tuition fees:  

Arts:RMB 19,000/year, 

Science & Busines:RMB 20,000/year. Accommodation Fee: RMB 1,500/year/student (four students share one in-campus dorm).

 Insurance:RMB 500/year. 

Program duration: 3 years. 

Associate Degree

Associate Degree

Application Requirements:1.Non-Chinese citizens who are 18-30 years old and in good health;2.Graduated from high school or technical secondary school, no failing subjects;3.Language proficiency: for subjects and majors that use Chinese as the teaching language, applicants shall reach at least HSK Level 4.Application Deadline:5/1-6/21. Materials shall be submitted in hardcopy before Jun 21st.R...

Undergraduate Degree

Associate Degree

Undergraduate Degree

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