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The School of Applied Foreign Languages, founded in October 2011, was formerly known the Department of Applied English Language which was founded in 2002. The school now offers three majors: Business English, Secretary (Chinese and English •New Media and Information Management and Tourism English for 1,387 students. The school also administers the University English Teaching and Research Office, which is responsible for the teaching of “College English” for nearly 6,000 freshmen of the Institute.

In recent years, the school has gained remarkable achievements in terms of employment quality improvement, faculty training, international exchange and cooperation, learning resource construction, training practice base construction, student ability development, classroom teaching reform, scholarship incentives, and innovation and entrepreneurship platforms:

·According to the survey of MyCOS Research Institute (a socially recognized third-party agency for educational data consultation and evaluation) on the employment quality of graduates in our school for the past two years, three majors’ key indicators of your school such as employment competitiveness, satisfaction with professional teaching, satisfaction with the alma mater, alumni recommendation, and career expectation are among the best, and several indicators of Business English and Secretary majors even rank first.

· The school has a team of teachers with solid professional knowledge and high moral integrity. There are 47 full-time teachers (60% of them have senior titles, 96% have master and doctoral degrees, 20% have overseas study and further study experience, and 93% have both professional excellence and high moral integrity). At the same time, the school also has a team of off-campus part-time teachers with professional skills and great influence in the industries and enterprises.

· The school has also signed cooperation agreements with many schools in Canada, the United States and other countries. Each year, a number of students are sent to study abroad. In 2017, 9 students were sent to study at Sheridan College in Canada. In 2018, the number was increased to 20.

· The school has 4 provincial-level quality courses, 22 national-level textbooks, and 10 multimedia micro-courses. It can provide rich, tailor-made and full-time learning resources for all students.

·The school has new training rooms for media editing and publishing, multi-function digital language training, international business center, etiquette and physical training, multi-scenario rapid recording, cross-border tour guide simulation, hotel customer service simulation, traditional culture and tea art, with a total on-campus training base area of 1,703m2, and a total investment of 8.9 million yuan; the main off-campus training bases are: more than 20 well-known enterprises and institutions or social organizations such as Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, CMA CGM (China) Shipping Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch, Hamburg Süd (China) Shipping Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch, CITIC Bank Shenzhen Branch,  Shenzhen China South City, Futian Court, Nanshan Court, Xili Street Office, Longcheng Street Office ,Shenzhen Jingji Bay Hotel Management Co., Ltd., of which, Foundation of Shenzhen Industries is recognized as a provincial-level university student off-campus training base, Shenzhen China International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Asian Trust Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Cntrans International Logistics Co., Ltd. are recognized off-campus public training bases for higher vocational education in Shenzhen.

· The school attaches great importance to the development and expansion of students' ability, and regularly organizes bilingual and cross-cultural events, such as foreign song contest, Christmas party, English corner, Young Star (English newspaper), ancient poetry reading contest, tea ceremony performance, agarwood culture lecture, TCM health lectures, etc. The school won the First Prize of the “Student Work Comprehensive Award” for five consecutive semesters.

· The school strongly supports the reform of classroom teaching, emphasizes the development of students as the foundation, focuses on the cultivation of abilities, and uses information technology as a means to vigorously promote the reversal of classrooms and online and offline simultaneous learning, achieving great results. There are already 4 informatization teaching works winning grand awards: 1) National Second Prize of the 2015 Higher Vocational Informatization Teaching Design Competition (Li Hua); 2) the First Prize of the Teaching Design of the 2017 Guangdong Vocational College Informationization Technology Teaching Competition (Ji Jie, etc.); 3) the Second Prize of the Teaching Design of the 2017 Guangdong Vocational College Informationization Teaching Contest (Jin Zhibo, etc.); 4) the Second Prize of Classroom Teaching of the 2017 Vocational College Informationization Teaching Competition (Guo Yunyun).

·The school attaches great importance to positive incentives and targeted aids. The rate of annual scholarship and financial aids is as high as 45%. There are many national scholarships and grant winners in the past years. In 2017, Chen Simian from Tourism English major won the national scholarship. In addition, the school provides its students with many school part time jobs and social service positions by establishing organizations for professional practice, such as “Zhaoxu Translation Workshop” for the Business English major, a “Secretary Office” for the Secretary major and “Xinyun Holiday Travel Agency” for the major of English for Tourism.








Financial aids


Part-time jobs while studying


Social services



· College of Applied Foreign Languages also builds a multi-dimensional innovation and entrepreneurship platform for students. In addition to the school’s Pioneer Park project, the school also has cultural innovation and creative studio, business incubator studio, and cooperates with enterprises to hold entrepreneurial competitions for providing funds, venues and technical support for students' innovation and entrepreneurship. The Business English major has also run the “Order-to-Employment” order class for two consecutive years. At present, the employment rate of graduates of various majors has remained above 98%.

  College of Applied Foreign Languages has no requirements for the single score of English subject for enrollment. Based on strong teachers’ resources, excellent soft and hard environment and advanced teaching methods, after two years of study and special counseling, our students will gain excellent results in national-level and provincial-level and municipal-level English, information, business, tourism and cultural skills competitions.

Student Honors and Achievements

· In recent years, our students have beaten strong opponents in various skill competitions at or above the provincial level, and in the National Practical English Speaking Contest for Professional College Students (Professional Group), CCTV “Star of Outlook” English Talent Competition, National Foreign Trade Skills Competition, National Higher Vocational College English Writing Contest, National Higher Vocational College Secretary Skills Competition, Higher Vocational Group Secretary Recording Event, Tour Guide Service Event (Mandarin Group), and Chinese Food Theme Banquet Design Competition Event of National Vocational Students Skills Competition, Hotel English Speaking Contest of Guangdong Province and other competitions, they won 77 provincial Second Prizes (including 5 Special Prizes), and 33 National Third Prizes (including 2 Special Prizes). All majors are at the top of similar institutions in Guangdong Province and show upward trend year by year.

· Self-employed Typical Examples:

· Yu Jing, a 2010 graduate of the Secretary Major, won the “Advanced Recorder” qualification and founded the “Jingmi Shorthand Studio”, becoming the star of the quick recording, and working in various major occasions of the government and large enterprises;

lLin Yonghao from Business English major in 2011 founded "Hong Kong Zhiying International Trading Company";

lChen Ming from the Secretary Major in 2015 founded the Shenzhen Shanglijian Network Technology Co., Ltd.;

lXie Guoan from Secretary major in 2016 founded Shenzhen Boyu Basketball Culture Co., Ltd.

Employment Prospects

Students of College of Applied Foreign Languages have a high comprehensive quality suitable for a wide range of professions, showing good employment prospect. The 2006-2017 graduate employment rate is above 98%. The main employment positions (groups) include: export-oriented trade enterprises; business posts, clerical posts and management posts of tourism enterprises; administrative posts of grassroots government agencies, courts, social organizations, and financial institutions.


1. Business English

[Educational Objectives] This major is aimed at export-oriented enterprises and institutions, and cultivates highly skilled personnel with good professional ethics and integrity, so that graduates have strong English communication skills and intercultural communication skills, master cross-border business skills and be able to independently engage in foreign trade businesses such as negotiation, translation and marketing.

[Main Courses] Import and Export Business, Cross-border E-Commerce, Cambridge Business English, Comprehensive English, Business English Speaking, English Listening and Speaking, International Trade Practice, Business English Writing, Foreign Trade Correspondence, Translation Practice, etc.

[Employment Prospects] Foreign trade salesman, foreign trade merchandiser, cross-border e-commerce clerk, international freight forwarder, bank counter saver, administrative assistant, business clerk, copywriting planner, office clerk, manager assistant, etc.

The main employment cooperation units are: Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank, Standard Chartered Bank Shenzhen Branch, CMA CGM (China) Shipping Co., Ltd., Hamburg Süd (China) Shipping Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch, foreign trade companies or foreign institutions, “Consumer” magazine press, Shenzhen Metro, Shenzhen Hutchison Telecommunications Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen OCT Group, China Telecom, China Mobile, Skyworth Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

Excellent Teacher

Associate Professor Guo Xiaoli, holding a master’s degree student in English at Wuhan University, has been engaged in vocational education for more than ten years. She has rich teaching experience and has edited many textbooks such as "English for Work" (national planning textbook). She has been honored with outstanding teaching quality at the school level and above, outstanding Communist Party member and outstanding tutor for many years. She was awarded a one-year visit to study in the United States.

Excellent Graduate

Luo Yu, is an outstanding graduate of the 2016 Business English of College of Applied Foreign Languages. During the school, she ranked among the best in their academic performances. She once served as party assistants, president of Nanxuan Reading Club, and one of the founders of the tea ceremony club. She won the National Inspirational Scholarship, Academic Scholarship and Outstanding Graduate Title. Luo Yu is currently the business manager of a foreign trade company in Shenzhen. She is responsible for leading the team to conduct business negotiations. In her work, she continues to create new highs. After more than a year of graduation, her annual salary has reached 1.2 million. She is grateful to her alma mater for her training. She believes that SZIIT is the cradle of her life.

2. Secretary

[Educational Objectives] This major is to cultivate compound application talents with good professional ethics and multi-task parallel processing quality, making graduates adapt to bilingual communication and cross-cultural communication, be familiar with multimedia and modern information working methods, and proficient in digital secretary business and new media information editing skills, competent for senior leadership assistants, human resources and information resource management and other jobs.

[Main Courses]  Basic Writing in English and Chinese, Comprehensive English, Office Affairs Handling, Organizing Conferences and Events, File Management, Information Resource Management, Electronic Editing and Digital Publishing, Quick Recording and Shorthand, Customer Service, Cross Cultural Communication, etc.

[Employment Prospects] Senior assistant, administrative manager, clerical staff of enterprises; assistant to directors, digital clerk, archivists of government institutions, social organizations; stenographer and quick-recorder of public security law system, professional companies; institutional website management and information resource builders.

[Additional Information]  Secretary is divided into three professional directions: business executive secretary, new media information editor and quick-recorder, aiming at training compound digital secretarial talents. The school works with more than 10 enterprises and institutions and street offices such as Beijing Yawei Speed Record Company, Shenzhen Municipal Archives Bureau, Shenzhen Futian Court, Shenzhen Foreign Labor Service Company, Shenzhen Yixin Shorthand Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Longcheng Sub-district Office, Shenzhen University Alumni Innovation Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Zongfang Housing Property Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Beiliang Huizhi Education Service Co., Ltd., and has established off-campus training bases, providing a large number of training and employment opportunities for graduates every year.

Excellent Teacher

Lv Guoli is an associate professor and the director of the secretary teaching and research section. She graduated from the Foreign Languages College of Northeast Normal University and has been teaching for 22 years and won the "Excellent Teaching Quality Award" for many years and many excellent annual assessments. She has taught more than a dozen public English and professional English courses. In the spirit of cultivating students' lifelong learning ability, she has unique teaching methods and is deeply loved by students. She has edited the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" textbook "English for Career", presided over and participated in more than ten projects, and guided students to obtain provincial and municipal skill competitions for many times.

Excellent Graduates

Chen Silen and Huang Danni, the 2016 graduates of the Chinese and English Secretary major of the School of Applied Foreign Languages, both serve as clerks in the Yantian Court of Shenzhen. During the school, they won several scholarships (including Huang Danni's National Inspirational Scholarship for the 2013-2014 academic year), and participated in the competitions on behalf of the school, and successively obtained the Provincial First and Second Prizes of the secretary competition of the higher vocational colleges in Guangdong Province. In July 2015, they won the National Third Prize of the "Yawei Cup" secretary competition in the national vocational college competition.

3. English for Tourism

[Educational Objectives] This major trains high-quality technical skill talents who meet the needs of tourism development in the information age and the application of English language to various industries and have good professional ethics and professional quality, and master English application, tourism service and management, and information for the field of English applications, tourism management, and information processing.

[Main Courses] The main courses include English, tourism and information processing, such as Tour Guide English, Hotel English, Cross-cultural Communication, Professional Image and Etiquette, Tourism Marketing, Tour Guide Basics, Tour Guide Business, Customer Service, Human Resource Management, E-commerce Practices, Image And Video Processing, Computer Infrastructure, Office Software Applications, etc.

[Employment Prospects] 1. Tour guide and leader occupation (Chinese and English tour guides, exit leaders, etc.); 2. Tourism media occupation (tourism TV program editing, etc.); 3. English education occupation (tourism translator, children bilingual teacher) etc.; 4. Large tourism occupations (online travel e-commerce, high-end customized tourism, hotel management personnel, rehabilitation tourism, scenic staff, etc.); 5. Other related occupations (administrative manager and clerk, sales manager, etc.).

The main partners for student employment are: Shenzhen Tourism Association, Shenzhen China International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Overseas International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Baolv Tour Guide Service Co., Ltd., Shenzhen OCT Group,  Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel the Coli Hotel (Shenzhen), etc.

Excellent Teacher

Zhao Limin, is a Professor and the Director of the Teaching and Research Office of Tourism English, President of Shenzhen Tour Guide Association. He has been teaching and managing tourism profession for many years, and led students to achieve good results in provincial professional competitions, including 2 First Prizes of the province's vocational skills competition. He has participated in and hosted nearly 10 research projects, published more than 10 papers, and more than 100 articles in various newspapers and periodicals, and wrote "Guidelines for Cultural Knowledge of Tour Guides", "Tourism Disputes and Insurance", etc. 3 books, and led to edict “more than 10 tourism professional textbooks such as "Introduction to Tourism", "Basic Knowledge of Tour Guide Culture", "Tour Guide to Tourism Regulations", "Ancient Chinese Architecture and Garden", three of which are textbooks are "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Vocational Education National Planning textbooks.

Excellent Graduate

Xu Lili, a student from Class 3-3 of Tourism English in 2014, was awarded the titles of “Outstanding Graduate”, “Excellent Cadre”, “Excellent Youth League Cadre” and “Excellent Senior Instructor Counselor” during her study at school. She was awarded the National Inspirational Scholarship and School Scholarship, and won the Second Prize of the province's higher vocational skills competition. After graduation, she worked in the Shenzhen Tourism Association. She said that, coming to Shenzhen was the right choice and she was fortunate to study her favorite major and meet many good teachers and friends in the school she liked.



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