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School Profile

The School of Continuing Education is a management institution and school-running department responsible for adult higher education, self-taught examination tutoring from junior college students to university students, occupational training, and occupational skill appraisal and qualification accreditation. It has 7 secondary institutions including the general office, the department of adult education, the department of self-taught examination, the department of skill appraisal, the department of technical support, the department of information and cooperation, and the department of market development.

Self-taught examination tutoring for upgrade from junior college students to university students is a key aspect contributing to the rapid development of the school. In order to meet with the students’ demand of bettering their educational background, since the Autumn of 2013, the school, cooperating with Shenzhen University and Guangdong University of Technology, has started the tutoring courses for upgrade from junior college students to university students. The courses currently cover 9 majors and have more than 3000 students. The passing rates of main professional courses rank the top among similar colleges in Guangdong province and make the school well-received and recognized by students and their parents, receiving benign social benefits. The school is currently promoting business development vigorously and plans to introduce more famous universities and quality majors in the Autumn school enrollment of 2018.

Adult junior college education is a traditional advantageous program of the school. With constant construction and development, the school now sets 17 teaching sites in Luohu, Futian, Nanshan, Bao’an, Longgang, Longhua and Guangming new district. It has 18 majors for adult diploma education and more than 4000 students in the adult junior college.

While running the tutoring courses for upgrade from junior students to university students, the school also provides various forms of non-diploma education. In order to cater to the diverse demands on certificates, the school has been constantly expanding its types of certificates and categories of professions. It exerts all of its strength to promote the implementation of domestic high-end mobile internet related occupational qualification accreditation projects, such as Adobe, MOS, ISO9000 internal auditor and MIIT CEIAEC. It also vigorously enhances its independent development and construction of occupational certificate courses and, by taking serving the new generation of industrial workers as its objective, gives full play of its social servicing role to steadily promote the elevation of educational background and occupational skills of the new generation of industrial workers.

The school was honored as the “Advanced Basic Level Party Organization”, “Woman Pace-setter Collective” by the Shenzhen Institute of and “Woman Civilization Model” of Shenzhen. In 2017, the school was granted as one of the “China Influencing Branded Higher Education Institutions-- Online and Continuing Education College” by CEDU MEDIA.

By virtue of the special advantages of the institute in information construction, the school explores, innovates and forges ahead with determination, striving to create a sustainable, replicable, propagable and influential continuing education brand, so as to constantly enhance the quality of diploma education and non-diploma education for adults and thus form a life-long learning service system, which is supported by information technologies and combines both diploma and non-diploma education.

School Highlights

Running the school by communication and cooperation on the undergraduate programs for self-taught examination of Shenzhen University;

Running the school by communication and cooperation on the undergraduate programs for self-taught examination of Guangdong University of Technology;

National Occupational Skill Appraisal;

National Training Base for Information Technology Application;

National Demonstration Training Base for Occupational Core Competence Training and Certification Project;

National Mobile Internet Innovation Education Base;

Shenzhen MOS Authorized Test Center;

Adobe Creative University Certification Management & Operation Centre

Green Access for Upgrade from Junior College Students to University Students

I. Introduction to the Operation of the Tutoring Courses of Self-taught Examination for Upgrade from Junior College Students to University Students

   Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology Tutoring Courses of Self-taught Examination for Upgrade from Junior College Students to University Students is an green upgrade access tailored for full-time college students of our institute.

As per relevant policies and regulations of Guangdong Provincial Examination Commission (GD Examination Commission 2006 (No.22)), if our students take undergraduate courses in their spare time during their junior college stage and pass examinations of all undergraduate courses before their graduation of junior college, they will be granted with an undergraduate diploma for self-taught examination in the same year when they graduate from their junior college and enjoy the same benefits as graduates of full-time common higher educational institutes. Students who meet with diploma application conditions may apply for the diploma also.

II. Majors for Enrollment (undergraduate section)

Majors currently available:

Sales Management, Financial Management, Art Design, Modern Corporate Management, Computer Information Management, Art of Digital Media, Financial Accountancy and Auditing, Human Resources Management, and Investment and Wealth Management.

New majors planned to be included in Autumn of 2018:

International Economy and Trading, Business Management, Logistics Management, E-commerce, Business English, Journalism, Advertising, Civil Engineering, Network Engineering, Engineering Management, Public Administration, Property Management, Tourism Management, Conference and Exhibition Economy and Management, Public Services Management, etc.

III. Enrollment Targets:

Freshmen and sophomores of Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology

IV. Advantages and Features:

Students can learn courses at their spare time.

Students can accomplish their junior college and undergraduate courses at the same time.

All courses are lectured inside the Institute. Students may take undergraduate courses at their spare time (at nights or on weekends) to effectively save time and costs. This is the only fast lane available currently for the students to upgrade from junior college to university.

Mutual Credit Recognition and Seamless transition:

1. Undergraduate courses and junior college courses with the same names implement mutual credit recognition and examination exemption (such as Linear Algebra).

2. For the course of University English, students may apply for mutual credit recognition and examination exemption with the average scores of the English courses in first and second semesters of their junior college stage without attending additional courses and examinations;

3. The two courses of Basic Principle of Marxism and An Introduction to Modern Chinese History of the undergraduate stage may be learned in the form of optional courses without attending unified examinations;

4. The majority of majors are set with a certain quantity of commissioned examination courses, of which the papers will be prepared and appraised by the responsible schools. Students attending such courses are exempted from attending unified examinations.

In conclusion, mutual credit recognition does not only reduce the number of courses for unified examinations but also sweep away the barriers, which are difficult for the students attending self-taught examinations.

Take Both Courses and Oral Examination in the Institute

All theoretical and practical teaching, all the practical examinations and the undergraduate graduation thesis oral defense will be carried out inside the Institute, making learning convenient for the students.

Authoritative Teaching and High Pass Rates:

All courses will be lectured by senior teachers with extensive experience in tutoring self-taught examinations from the responsible schools, the Institute of and relevant industries. They clarify key and difficult points to effectively increase the pass rates.

V. Additional Information

1. The self-taught examinations tutoring courses for upgrade from junior college students to university students are regarded as the green access paved specially for students taking courses in our junior college who intends to obtain the bachelor degree.

2. The enrollment is open to freshmen and sophomores of our Institute without any limitation on majors (any freshman and sophomore of our Institute learning any major may enroll).

3. The teaching cycle of an undergraduate major is 2 years. Students successfully passing examinations of the undergraduate stage will be granted with the undergraduate diploma in the same year when they graduate from the junior college.

4. We welcome new students enrolling in Autumn of 2018 to apply for the tutoring courses of self-taught examinations for upgrade from junior college students to university students. The first semester after new students’ enrolling in the Institute will be the best time for participating in the courses of self-taught examinations for upgrade from junior college students to university students.

The course of Art Design is ongoing

Experts from Shenzhen University visit our Institute to provide special tutoring on graduation dissertation design

Undergraduate graduation thesis oral defense is ongoing

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