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School of Finance and Economics

School Profile

Founded in 2011, the School of Finance and Economics aims to serve Shenzhen’s economic development and train high-quality financial talent with strong skills and ability in getting a job and starting up business by closely connecting with Shenzhen’s pillar industries and focusing on the requirements of financial positions. Now the school offers 4 majors, namely, financial management, investment and wealth management, accounting and accounting information management. The majors’ enrollment and employment have been robust and smooth, with nearly 1,900 students for the time being. Since its establishment, the enrollment rate with its majors as students’ first choice has been kept at 100%, while the overall employment rate has been above 99%. Since 2011, it has had 2,651 graduates.

The school has a professional teaching team of full-time and part-time teachers with a reasonable structure, distinctive features, a high level of teaching and research, and rich practical experience. The school now has 64 faculty members, including 43 full-time teachers. Among them, 4 are postdoctoral fellows, 30 (69% of the total) held a doctoral degree of economics or management from“985”or “211”universities, and 24 (55% of the total) had senior titles. It also has 36 part-time teachers composed of professionals and skill experts from companies in the financial industry.

The school has created an environment with good theoretical teaching and skill practice: It has 16 multimedia classrooms, including 14 training rooms for skill training of financial positions (a total of 2,200 square meters). The school has established over 20 practice teaching bases with renowned companies such as Kingdee Software (China), Seentao Technology, Dahua Certified Public Accountants, Postal Savings Bank of China, China Merchants Securities, Taiping Life Insurance, First Capital Securities and Servyou Group.

School Highlights

School of Finance and Economics currently offers 4 majors, namely, financial management, investment and wealth management, accounting, and accounting information management, all of which are closely connected with industries. The financial industry, 1 of the 4 pillar industries of Shenzhen, and accounting positions that have a strong demand in talent have provided a broad space for the school’s development and students’ employment. The acquisition of professional certificates such as securities practice qualification certificate, banking practice qualification certificate, insurance practice qualification certificate, junior accounting qualification and CMA enhanced students’ professional quality and competitiveness and laid a solid foundation for receiving a bachelor degree program and studying abroad.

Key Major under Development from Guangdong’s First-class Vocational Colleges: Financial Management

Branded Major under Development from Guangdong’s Vocational Colleges: Investment and Finance, Accounting

Major on the shortlist in Guangdong’s Vocational Education Teaching Resource Library and China’s Vocational Education Teaching Resource Library: Investment and Wealth Management

Majors with trainings bases outside the school: Financial management, investment and wealth management, accounting, accounting information management have 3 high-quality shared courses in Guangdong

Student Honors and Achievements

First Prize of National College Student Online Business Innovation and Application Contest in Guangdong and Guangxi and Second Prize of National Final (2015)

First Prize of Group and First Prize of Individual at National College Student Investment and Financial Planning Competition (2015)

Runner-up at National Financial and Securities Investment Practice Competition (2015)

Second Prize of Group at National Higher Vocational College Financial Decision-making Competition (2015)

Third Prize of Group at “Servyou Group Hengxin Cup” National Higher Vocational College and Applied University Tax Skill Competition (2015)

Excellent Team of Social Practice in Going Rural Areas by Volunteers from College and Vocational Schools (2015)

First Prize of National Finance and Securities Practice Competition (2016)

First Prize of Group at National Vocational Skills Competition (Accounting) in Guangdong (2016)

lSecond Prize of Group at National Vocational Student Skills Competition (Marketing) in Guangdong (2016)

First Prize of Group and First Prize of Individual at 2015 and 2016 National College Students’ Bank Comprehensive Business Skills Competition

First Prize of Group and First Prize of Individual at 2015 and 2016 National College Students’ Insurance Comprehensive Business Skills Competition

One Special Prize and 2 Second Prizes at National English Contest for College Students (NECCS) in 2017

Second Prize at a social survey competition under the theme of “focus on people’s livelihood and hard work for rejuvenating the nation” under a series of educational activities under the theme of “My Chinese Dream -- devotion, cultivation, extensive learning and serving country” in Guangdong (2017)

First Prize of Group at Internet Finance Competition of Guangdong Vocational College Skill Competition (Higher Vocational College) in 2017

First Prize at Zhejiang Internet Finance Competition (2017)

Employment Prospects

As one of the four pillar industries of Shenzhen, the financial industry has a strong demand for financial and wealth management professionals each year and 1 million business entities in Shenzhen have provided a huge space for accounting major graduates in career selection and development.

Graduates of the school can engage in work such as financial service, financial accounting, management and marketing at enterprises and public institutions such as financial institutions and accounting firms, such as bank teller, account manager, cashier, bookkeeper and chief accountant. Our graduates work at renowned financial institutions such as Ping An Bank, China Merchants Bank, Huaxia Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, The People's Insurance Company (Group) of China, Ping An Insurance, CITIC Securities, Huatai United Securities, accounting firms such as Dahua Certified Public Accountants and Shenzhen Lianchuang Lixin Certified Public Accountants, and companies such as Shenzhen Metro and Vpower. The initial employment rate of graduates for the past 3 classes was above 99%.


1. Accounting

[Educational Objectives] The major aims to train high-quality skilled talents who pursue all-round development, practice socialist core values, have certain literacy level and good professional ethics and quality, grasp basic knowledge and main technologies and skills of their major, and engage in financial accounting, financial data collection and finance and tax data analysis, management and application that provides decision support for corporate control at small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting (tax accounting) firms and financial service providers in the Pearl River Delta.

[Main Courses] Accounting Principles, Economics Principles, Database Principles, ERP Principles, Introduction to Cloud Computing and Big Data, Economic Law, Tax Law, Economic Mathematics, Enterprise Accounting Practice, Cashier Practice, Enterprise Tax Practice, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Application of Financial Software, Financial Management, Auditing Principles, Finance Big Data Mining and Analysis, Multivariate Data Statistics and Analysis.

[Employment Prospects] Graduates can work for small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting agencies and financial service institutions in the Pearl River Delta. Graduates can engage in accounting, tax planning, financial data collection, financial data analysis and management application in budgeting, cost control, capital operation, and performance management.

[Additional Information] Provincial-level branded major, school-level key major, city-level college training base.

[Excellent Teacher] Wang Shuli, Associate Professor of Accounting, Chinese Certified Public Accountant, Excellent Teacher in Shenzhen Wang has been dedicated in education and focused on teaching, well-received by students for his craftsmanship spirit in every lesson, making him a good teacher and helpful friend for students.

2. Accounting Information Management

[Educational Objectives] The major aims to train high-quality skilled talents who pursue all-rounded development, have high quality, know enterprises’ business management and market environment, grasp skills related to finance and business integration and management accounting needed in the major, and engage in collection, processing, analysis and presentation of operating results to provide a reasonable forecast and decision-making solution for enterprises’ development and help them increase value.

[Main Courses] Economics Foundation, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management, Cost Management, Risk Management, Financial Analysis and Decision-making, Financial Software Applications, Corporate Tax Practice, Applied Statistics, Data Analysis Software Applications, Data Mining Methods and Technology Implementation, Accounting English, and training for junior accountant and certified management accountant examinations.

[Employment Prospects] Engage in financial accounting, management accounting, cost management, budget management, fund management, risk management, performance management, financial analysis, value chain analysis, and big data analysis positions in various enterprises and public institutions such as manufacturing and service industries.

[Additional Information] The major is an emerging interdisciplinary major, a major under development for provincial-level high-quality shared course, a major under development between the school and BANANA, a financial software company in Switzerland, a major under development with city-level college student training bases outside the school, and a category I major under development in the school’s major development program.

[Excellent Teacher] Lei Guoqiong, a professor of economics, has long been engaging in the teaching and research of economic management courses in colleges and universities. During teaching, Lei followed the rule and features of higher vocational education and taught students according to their aptitude by focusing on students’ learning and vocational ability and his teaching effect is great.

3. Financial Management

[Educational Objectives] Targeting industries such as banking, securities and banking, the major aims to train applied and skilled talents in operation and management of economic and financial business who pursue all-rounded development, meet the requirements during transformation and development of the financial industry, grasp solid financial theoretical basis and skills and have a pioneering spirit and practical ability.

[Main Courses] Economics Foundation, Finance Foundation, Accounting Foundation, Financial Marketing Practice, Bank Accounting Practice, Personal Finance, International Finance Practice, Securities Investment Practice, Bank Credit Practice, Internet Finance, Insurance Practice, Financial English and related training courses.

[Employment Prospects] Graduates can hold related positions at commercial banks, securities companies, insurance companies, finance companies, fund companies, and enterprises. With the steady development of Shenzhen's financial industry, the demand for talents in the financial industry will continue to expand; the employment prospects of graduates of this major will also be broader.

[Additional Information] The major is a high-level major from first-class colleges, key major under development at the provincial level, a major in “1 million talent training program” by Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools and a major in the school’s resource library. Provincial-level high-quality shared courses “Banking Accounting” and “Banking Software Application”

[Excellent Teacher] Wu Ping, Associate Professor, Wu is a senior evaluation staff for appraisal of occupational skills of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. Wu teaches courses such as “Banking Accounting” and “Banking Software Application” and conducts theoretical research into development and design of banking accounting training. Wu won the excellent teaching award of SZIIT for several times. Wu is person-in-charge of Banking Accounting” and “Banking Software Application,” provincial-level high-quality shared courses.

4. Investment and Wealth Management Major

[Educational Objectives] The major aims to train high-quality skilled talents for the financial industry and businesses who pursue all-rounded development, have high quality, know development status and trends of industries such as finance and investment and wealth management, grasp some expertise in investment and wealth management, and engage in wealth management planning for individuals (family), customer consultation services and product marketing at financial institutions.

[Main Courses] Economics Foundation, Fundamentals of Finance, Accounting Foundation, Personal Finance, Securities Investment Analysis, Financial Calculation and Planning, Financial Market Fundamentals, Tax Planning, Insurance Practice, Futures Investment, Financial Advisor-like Marketing, Securities Investment Funds, and related training courses.

[Employment Prospects] Engage in securities operations, financial planning, investment consulting, securities data analysis, customer service, sales management, insurance agency and product innovation in enterprises and public institutions in industries such as banking, securities and insurance industries.

[Additional Information] Institute on the shortlist for National Vocational Education Teaching Resource Library, institute that presides over the development of Guangdong’s Vocational Education Teaching Resource Library,  branded major under development in Guangdong,  a major in the school’s resource library and city-level college training base.

[Excellent Teacher] Li Jinghua, Associate Professor, held a PhD in management and 9 years of working experience in the securities industry and 13 years of teaching experience in universities and colleges. Li has delivered excellent teaching quality, performed well in teaching and research in finance and financial service marketing, and led students to achieve excellent results at marketing skills competitions.

Information about excellent graduates from School of Finance and Economics

Chen Hongtu, graduate majored in Financial Management of 2012 Class  

Head of Personal Loan of Ping An Bank’s Shenzhen Branch

Chen won scholarships and was selected as excellent student leader for several times at school. Chen was selected as outstanding volunteer when serving as a volunteer for 26th Summer Universiade 2011 in Shenzhen. He now works at Ping An Bank’s Shenzhen Branch. For his hard work, he was promoted from a contract worker to formal worker to entry-level manager and named as annual excellent employee for 3 consecutive years.

Huang Yuqian, graduate majored in Financial Management of 2015 Class  

Senior Aduitor at Dahua Certified Public Accountants

At school, Huang actively participated in school-organized activities and league and student work and was named as excellent student leader, league and student leaders and outstanding student for several times. Huang joined Dahua Certified Public Accountants after graduation and participated in annual auditing and IPO of several listed companies.

Zheng Wanting, graduate majored in accounting information management of the 2016 Class

Specialist for project approval at Ping An Bank’s Headquarters

At school, Zheng served as deputy secretary of student union of Youth League general branch of the school and class monitor and won scholarships and was recognized as excellent student leader and excellent graduate for several times. Zheng joined Ping An Bank in 2016 and performed well during work and business training and grasped solid business knowledge.

Jiang Tao, graduate majored in Investment and Wealth Management of 2017 Class

Start up business

Jiang started up his own business at school and won awards such as China College Student Venture Award, First Prize of fifth youth Internet venture competition in central China, First Prize of China venture competition in Dapeng New District and winning prize of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Jiang now serves as executive director at Shenzhen Linglingqi Cultural Communication, Shenzhen Qunawan, Shenzhen Dreamwork Tourism Development, Shenzhen Kuahailong Environmental Protection and Technology, and Yibang Cultural Creativity (Shenzhen).



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