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School of Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment

Focusing on the “Made in China 2025” plan, the Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment School has set up its specialties according to the demand for talent in Shenzhen’s intelligent product development, intelligent equipment control and manufacturing and other related industries. Now its specialties cover mechanical design and manufacturing, intelligent control technology, intelligent product development, electronic measurement technology and instrument, special processing technology. Its graduates’ employment prospects are broader in Shenzhen as well as its surrounding areas, with an annual employment rate of above 98%. Employers have widely recognized our personnel training quality. Two companies have signed School-enterprise Collaborative Education Agreement with us, and each company provides scholarship and financial assistance as much as 750,000 yuan.

Our school has an in-side school covering an area of more than 4,800 square meters, which includes the world advanced processing, measurement and 3D printing equipment. Combined with “Made in China 2025” and “Industry 4.0”, it has created an advanced automated production line with as much as 100 million yuan equipment investment fund in total. We adheres to the mode of school-enterprise cooperative sponsorship and has successively cooperated with large and medium-sized enterprises to establish more than 20 out-side school training bases such as numerical control technology, mold design, automated production line, robots, toys, measurement and instruments.

We has a high-level "double-quality" teacher team with 46 teachers and staff, including 5 teachers with high-grade titles, 14 teachers with associate-high-grade titles, 20 teachers with intermediate professional titles; 25 doctors and 10 masters; 1 provincial famous teacher and 2 school-level specialty leading person. The proportion of part-time teachers mainly from the first-line technicians in enterprises and full-time teachers reaches 1:1. The professional senior managers and senior technicians of well-known domestic enterprises are appointed specially to establish the collegial professional teaching and steering committee.

We persist in employment-oriented principle and the core target of effective teaching to explore the talent training model that meets the needs of society constantly. Relying on the advantages of Shenzhen's innovative-city feature, strong faculty, and first-class hardware resources for running schools, we have created an intramural mentoring system for the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents and assisted students in the development of entrepreneurial projects based on comprehensive professional ability cultivation. At present, some entrepreneurial students have emerged and most of the students have developed their ideas, which laid a solid foundation for their employment and entrepreneurship.

School Highlights

●National In-demand Skilled Talent Training Base for CNC Technology Application

●Open Public Industrial Robot Training Base of the Ministry of Education

●National Manufacturing Informatization Center----3D CAD Education and Training Base

●DS SolidworksCSWAGlobal Certification Authorized Test Center

●National 3D Printing Designer Practice and Trial Test Base

●Guangdong CNC Technology Training Base for the Professional and Specialized Colleges

●Guangdong Computer Control Technology Training Base

●Guangdong Province CNC System and CNC Equipment Engineering Technology Development Center (the first college in Guangdong Province)

●Shenzhen Highly Skilled Talents Cultivation Base

●National Vocational Colleges Equipment Manufacturing Demonstration Specialties of the Ministry of Education; Guangdong Provincial Demonstration Specialties, Guangdong Provincial Brand-Building Specialties, Guangdong Provincial First-class Colleges and Universities Construction Highlighted Specialties and Specialties Construction Projects supported by the state revenue (mechanical design and manufacturing specialty)

●Guangdong Province Key Specialty (intelligent control technique specialty)

●Guangdong Province Excellent Teaching Team

●The 4th Guangdong Province Famous Teachers (one teacher won this award)

●5 Guangdong Province Excellent Courses, 3 School-level Excellent Courses, 24 Online Courses, 1 Teaching Achievement Award

●5 Guangdong Province Scientific Research Projects, 11 Shenzhen City Scientific Research Projects, 21 School-level Scientific Research Programs, 9 Enterprises’ Cross-sectional Research Subjects, scientific research projects funds is as near as 10 yuan.

●2 Shenzhen S&T Planed Projects

●26 national patents (7 patents of utility model and 19 patents of invention)

●13 projects exhibited at the Shenzhen Advanced and New Technology Fair for consecutive four sessions

●4 state-level First Prizes and 2 provincial First Prizes in Multimedia Courseware Competition (teachers)

●more than 60 rewards in national and provincial professional skills contests (students)

Student Honors and Achievements

●Our students have won 3 Special Prize and 3 Second Prizes at the National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition----Guangdong Division Industrial and Engineering Design Competition in October, 2015.

●Our students have won 2 Second Prizes at the 2015 National Vocational College Skills Competition----Guangdong Trials in higher vocational education group.

●Our students have won 4 Second Prizes and 6 Third Prizes at the 8th National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition--2015 Longding Awards in Guangdong Division.

●Our students have won 1 Special Prize (Guangdong Province) and 1 national Second Prize at the 8th National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition--2015 Longding Awards.

●Our students have won 2 Second Prizes at the 2015 National Vocational College Skills Competition----Guangdong Trials in higher vocational education group.

●Our students have won 1 First Prize in Guangdong Trials and 1 Second Prize in National Finals at the 2016 National Vocational College Skills Competition in higher vocational education group.

●Our students have gained 2 Second Prizes at Intelligent Transport Project (Group C51) in the 6th Educational Robot Competition of China 2016.

●Our students have obtained 2 Special Prizes, 2 First Prizes and 3 Second Prizes at the 9th National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition----Guangdong Division Industrial and Engineering Design Competition in 2016.

●Our students have obtained 1 Second Prize at Digital Expression Project of the 9th National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition--2016 Longding Awards in Guangdong Division.

●Our students have obtained 1 Second Prize at “Huishen Cup” 3D Printing Innovation Design Project of the 9th National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition--2016 Longding Awards in Guangdong Division.

●Our students have gained 1 First Prize at the 2017 National 3D Competition--the 10th Anniversary Elite League (One Belt and One Road Challenge).

●Our students have obtained one First Prize and one Second Prize at the 2017 Educational Robot Competition of China.

●Our students have obtained 1Second Prize on Robot Aligning and Intelligent Processing Unit Application Technology at 2017 National Machinery Industry Vocational College Skills Competition----”Central China Numerical Control Cup”

●Our students have obtained 1 Second Prize of the 2017 “Tiertime Cup” 3D Modeling and Rapid Prototyping Technology Competition.

●Our students have gained 1 First Prize and 1 Second Prize at the First BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition 2017----3D Printing Competition.

●Our students have got 1 Second Prize at the 10th National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition 2017.

Major Introduction

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

[Educational Objectives] Mechanical Design and Manufacturing includes two directions: “Digital Design and Manufacturing” and “Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment”. Facing the advanced manufacturing industry in Shenzhen City and Guangdong Province, relying on research institutions, such as “Teaching Factory” in the Institute, Engineering Center of Universities in Guangdong Province, the “Industry 4.0” intelligent manufacturing center, and key laboratories of the Institute, this major aims to cultivate students with comprehensive quality in an all-round development of moral qualities, intellectual ability, physical fitness, and aesthetic appreciation. They are professional talents mastering the basic theories and professional skills of digital design in the advanced manufacturing industry and manufacturing technology, and can be engaged in product modeling, mold design, CNC processing and manufacturing, as well as installing, commissioning, and maintaining intelligent manufacturing equipment.

[Main Courses] Mechanical Drawing and CAD, 3D Product Modeling and Structural Design, Tolerance Fit and Technical Measurement, Mold Design, Mold CAD/CAM, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Reverse Engineering and 3D Printing Technology, Precision Inspection Technology, Precision Mechanical Assembly, CNC Programming and CNC Machining, Installing, Commissioning, and Maintaining CNC Equipment, Electrical Control of CNC Equipment, Industrial Robot and Manipulator, Laser Principles and Applications, and Opto-Mechatronics Technology.

[Employment Prospects] To fit in the trend of intelligent manufacturing development, this major actively carries out reforms and updates the curriculum, so graduates have great employment prospects. Most of them join high-tech enterprises of advanced manufacturing, such as electromechanical, automotive, and home appliances in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region. They are engaged in such technical development and management work as installing and commissioning intelligent manufacturing equipment, CAD development of industrial products, mold design, product precision inspection, CNC programming, CNC technology and CNC machining, 3D printing and rapid prototyping, as well as marketing, production and quality management of related industries. This major provides high-end talents in the fields of digital design and manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing equipment R&D, and process commissioning for high-tech enterprises.

[Faculty Members] Teachers in this major are all excellent teachers in Guangdong Province. There are 13 full-time teachers: 8 of them have doctoral degree, 3 are post-doctoral, and 2 have master degree. There are 4 professors, 4 associate professors and senior engineers, and 4 lecturers. Among them, there is one prominent teacher of Guangdong Province, one outstanding young teacher of Guangdong Province, one leading talent of Shenzhen, and one skilled elite of Shenzhen. Eleven teachers have full-time work experience in corporation. In addition, there are 3 full-time laboratory assistants and more than 15 part-time instructors from enterprises.

[Employment Status] This major focuses on developing all-round quality and cultivating professional ability. It introduces production projects into the course to evaluate students through project-based teaching and by combining learning process and assessment, so that students not only learn professional knowledge and skills in the project implementation process but also obtain the teamwork spirit and problem analysis and solving capabilities. Therefore, the all-round growth and comprehensive ability of students are effectively promoted and the employment quality is also rapidly increased. All the initial employment rates are above 98%.

In the past 5 years, SZIIT has facilitated the establishment and development of about 8 startup companies related to this major. Lan Xiaobin, a student graduated in 2013, founded Shenzhen Zhuzhuo Laser Technology Co., Ltd. after one year of work. Up to the present, Lan Xiaobin has established two companies with good operation and revenues of more than 2 million yuan. Li Pingjia, a student graduated in 2013, founded Shenzhen Julei Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Its laser 3D calligraphy and painting works have presented in major exhibitions and won intensive attention from provincial and municipal leaders and media at all levels. Chen Yao, a student graduated in 2017, founded Zhiwu Workshop (Shenzhen) Technology Education Co., Ltd., and its 3D printing works and STEM training have extended to more than 10 primary and middle schools in Shenzhen.

[Awards] In the past 5 years, the students have won more than 20 awards in competitions at various levels, including 2 Special Prizes and 4 First Prizes in the competitions of "Challenge Cup" of Guangdong University Extra-curricular Academic Technology Works and National 3D Digital Innovation, 1 First Prize in the 3D Print Match, and 1 Second Prize in the Intelligent Manufacturing of the BRICS Skill Development and Technology Innovation Competition, and 1 First Prize in the National 3D Competition Elite League and the 2017 One Belt One Road Challenge. In terms of entrepreneurial projects, from 2011 to 2013, this major won the second place in the first China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and 1 First Prize, 1 Second Prize, and 1 Third Prize in the “Challenge Cup” Guangdong University Student Entrepreneurship Competition. The two student entrepreneurship teams of this major won the First Prize and the Second Prize in the second “Challenge Cup” Entrepreneurship Competition of the Institute. The two award-winning entrepreneurship teams participated in the two most valued competitions: China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Nanshan District. The two teams competed with the entrepreneurial teams of all walks of life. In the past 5 years, the Major has been awarded 7 projects of the Student Entrepreneurship Training Program for Guangdong Universities, with a total funding of 140,000 yuan, 2 projects of the Climbing Program of Provincial League Committee, and 2 special maker projects of the Science and Technology Innovation Committee of Shenzhen.

[Social Service] Teachers of this Major work in many companies to provide technical services, solve technical problems, and train new and old employees. National training and skill certificate projects jointly organized by schools and enterprises include:

This Major held multiple national trainings of laser technology application for teachers in vocational colleges and tests of advanced professional qualification certificate “Installing and Commissioning Engineer of Laser Machine”. Some famous universities, such as Wuhan University and Guangdong Polytechnic of Industry and Commerce, came and attended these trainings.

In June 2017, this Major was qualified as one of the first 11 national “Test and Training Bases for the New Module of 3D Printing Stylists”, and it is the only one in Guangdong Province. This Major also held Computer Information Technology Testing and training and certificate test for “3D Printing Stylists”. More than 40 teachers of dozen schools, including Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University and Shenzhen Institute of Technology, attended the 7-day training and certificate test.

[Foreign Exchange] This Major has communicated with many universities and enterprises in India, Germany, and Southeast Asia. They are deeply interested in the research achievements in motion control system developed by teachers of this Major and have reached an effective cooperation intention.

Intelligent Control Technology

Educational ObjectivesThe Intelligent Control Technology is designed for the intelligent control and manufacturing industry in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region. The objective is to cultivate high-caliber technical and skilled talents in intelligent control technology, who can adapt to the needs of the technology development, production, service and first-line management of enterprises, possess theoretical know-how and application ability in terms of industrial robots and intelligent control technology, have good professional quality, and uphold the spirit of dedication and teamwork. They are supposed to be engaged in the system design, manufacturing, installation & debugging, operation & maintenance, technical support and product marketing related to industrial robots and intelligent control.

[Main Courses] PLC Control of Electromechanical Integration Equipment, Technical Application of Electromechanical Integration, PLC Programming Technology of Siemens, Installation and Debugging of Automatic Production Lines, Motor Control Technology, Technical Application of Electromechanical Integration, Industrial Robots and Manipulators, Programming Technology for Industrial Robots, Simulation and Advanced Application of Industrial Robots, and Advanced Application of Industrial Robots.

[Employment Prospects] Nowadays, intelligent manufacturing is an inevitable trend of the scientific and technological progress and our graduates of this major have good employment prospects. Employment is mainly targeted at the key industries of the “Made in China 2025” Initiative strongly advocated by the state. The employers of the graduates are mainly high-tech companies based in the Pearl River Delta region, especially in Shenzhen. These include companies of robot development and application, companies of intelligent control and production, companies of information technology development, and more. Graduates are supposed to be engaged in product development, distribution, production and maintenance.

Faculty Members This major enjoys a strong faculty team. Now it has 12 full-time teachers, and among them, 7 have got a doctoral degree and 7 have been granted with the title of professor, associate professor and above. All teachers are double-professionally-titled teachers. Being in charge of 32 science and technology, teaching reform and research, and practical enterprise projects at provincial, municipal and school level, these teachers can provide the students of this major with more opportunities for social practice and skill learning. This major especially encourages students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship activities. Teachers and students are organized to jointly take part in the innovation and entrepreneurship competitions in Guangdong Province every year, winning grand awards. In addition, they are regularly organized to take part in the national vocational skills competitions, winning numerous grand awards. Under the teachers’ guidance, the students have won awards in such skills competitions as “Challenge Cup” for College Students in Guangdong Province and “Application of Industrial Robots”, “Installation and Debugging of Automatic Lines”, “Installation, Debugging and Control Technology for Mechanical Equipment” and “Installation and Debugging of Modern Electrical Control Systems” at vocational colleges nationwide.

Additional InformationThis major is a key one in Guangdong Province. It has the only open practical training base for industrial robots of the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China in Guangdong Province, the practical training bases for off-campus college students in Guangdong Province, the public practical training bases in Shenzhen, and the practical training rooms supported by Siemens, ABB, FANUC, MITSUBI and other large enterprises. This major is mainly oriented at digital intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots and related fields. After completing their studies, the students can obtain the authentication certificate in related technical fields issued by Siemens, ABB, MITSUBI and other foreign enterprises. Students obtaining such certificates have become the technical backbone of the companies, with their salary being 50%-150% higher than that of ordinary technical personnel.

This major has established university-enterprise cooperation with large and medium-sized Shenzhen-based enterprises such as CIMC, INOVANCE, ADTECHEN, and Hymson Laser Technology. By setting up a number of enterprise grants, this major provides enterprise grants of 3,000 to 12,000 yuan per year for the students who take this major as their first choice and obtain excellent academic performance. In addition, this major, through cooperation with enterprises, enables the students with a professional skill to be employed by related enterprises.

Upholding the philosophy of “cultivating high-end talents”, this major establishes an open intelligent control technology center to create an advanced platform for the cultivation of excellent talents. The center has all kinds of advanced equipment and instruments for advanced intelligent manufacturing, including the digital manufacturing system of Siemens, intelligent robots of ABB, robots of FANUC, and intelligent and cooperative robots of UNIVERSAL. While completing their regular studies, students can learn advanced technology in the engineering technology center. By taking advantage of the study in school, students can gain rich technical experience upon graduation. Through studying in the technology center, the minimum monthly salary of students is more than 5,000 yuan. Zhong Yuhua, an outstanding graduate of 2016, signed a contract with the company upon graduation, getting a monthly salary of 9,000 yuan. Lai Shujiang, a graduate of 2017, was employed as an engineer by CIMC (normally, the undergraduate or postgraduate degree or above is required) with a monthly salary of more than 8,000 yuan.

In order to provide better development space for students who are employed in Shenzhen, in combination with Shenzhen’s supportive policies for high-end technical and skilled talents, this major has implemented the “Graduate Million Scheme” since 2015. That is to say, students who have performed well in school are further cultivated, and they can get the talent subsidy of Shenzhen by taking part in the national and provincial employee skills competitions and obtaining excellent results. Ye Junxiong, a graduate of 2016, won the First Prize of the Employee Group in the 2017 “Efort • Dolang Cup” – the 2nd National Industrial Robot Technology Application Skills Competition. Ye was awarded the honorary title of “National Technical Expert” and “National Youth Post Expert”, and has obtained the Class I national vocational qualification. According to the Standards for Talent Recognition of Shenzhen (2015), Ye will be recognized as a locally leading talent, enjoying a subsidy of 2 million yuan. Wu Hongchi, a graduate of 2016, won the Second Price in this national competition.

Intelligent Product Development

[Educational Objectives] Intelligent product development is designed to cultivate talents for a comprehensive development in aspects of moral and intellectual, physique and aesthetics, and to nurture high-quality and highly-skilled talents with professional ability in design of functionality and structure of intelligent products, circuit design and production, and products manufacturing, as well as ability in organization and management throughout the process of intelligent products production.

[Main Courses] Mechanical Drawing, Circuit CAD, Intelligent Control Technology, Sensor Application, Circuit Design and Production, Three-dimensional Modeling, Rhino Product Design, Mechanism Design and Simulation, Product Rapid Prototyping Technology, and Model Analysis and Production.

[Employment Prospects] Graduates are fit for jobs in intelligent product design and production companies, intelligent product trading companies, toy design and manufacturing companies, industrial design companies among other industries, generally engaged in design of appearance and structure of intelligent products, toys and others, circuit analysis design, PCB board debugging, single-chip embedded programs writing and debugging. Main positions include electronic engineers in intelligent product enterprises or toy enterprises, embedded software engineers, structural design engineers, as well as quality testing technicians or mangers in professional testing institutions and enterprises.

[Additional Information] Intelligent product development refers to the development of new products or transformation of traditional products into intelligent products, in a bid to make life simpler and more convenient to users. In daily life, intelligent products include Wi-Fi Bluetooth equipment, intelligent toys, intelligent house, drones, educational robots, etc.

The intelligent product development comes with 10 million yuan worth of equipment for practical training, such as 3D scanners, 3D printers, laser cutters, and high-speed carving and milling machine, adopting a three-stage method "Innovative Ideas-Creative Design-Manufacturing", in an effort to develop innovation ability among students.

Innovative Ideas: To intensify innovation experience, focus on students’ self-improvement, encourage exploration and active thinking, inspire students to generate new ideas and thoughts, and establish a sense of innovation through innovative experience.

Creative Design: To concretize and visualize ideas and thoughts produced during the Innovative Ideas phase in a tangible representation;

Manufacturing: To bring creative designs into life.

The major has achieved progress on professional innovation education, and has incubated a range of start-ups. Lin Shuo and Chen Weijia, graduated in 2015, founded Shenzhen Huaning Trading Co., Ltd. which specializes in selling top brand toys and reported a revenue of 0.3 million yuan and a profit of 50,000 yuan in the second half of 2015, and a revenue of 6 million yuan and a profit of 1.3 million yuan for entire 2016.

The major features a good teaching faculty including 4 associate professors, 1 senior engineer and 1 engineer (6 full-time teachers); five teachers have a doctoral degree, 5 teachers have work experience in companies, and all professional teachers are double-position teachers.

The major has 1 engineering center at province level, namely Numerical Control Technology and Equipment Engineering Center for Guangdong Colleges and Universities, and 2 key labs at university level, respectively as Key Laboratory for Numerical Control Technology, Key Laboratory for Simulation Analysis of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, and 1 innovation team at university level. Our professional teachers have presided over more than 10 scientific and educational research topics at province and city levels, published over 60 academic papers on educational and scientific research, among which, eight papers made into the Three Index (SCI, EI and ISTP); and had multiple national invention patents and utility model patents. The major has developed 2 select courses and 8 textbooks at provincial and ministerial levels, won 6 First Prizes for skill and entrepreneurship competition at provincial level, and 8 Second Prizes.

Electronic Measurement Technology and Instrument Major

[Educational Objectives] This major aims to cultivate the following high-quality skilled talents: a. have good comprehensive quality with full development of morality, wisdom, physique and aesthetics; b. understand the industry regulations and professional technical specifications of electronic measurement technology and instrument major; c. master the basic theoretical knowledge of electronic products and electronic instruments; d. have the skills of developing, testing and repairing AI electronic products and intelligent instruments, apparatus and electronic measurement technology; e. be capable of developing various intelligent electronic products, and assembling, examining & maintaining electronic measuring instruments.

[Main Courses] Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Analog Electronics Technique, Digital Electronic Technique, Wireless Sensor Applications, Electronic System and Product Manufacture, Labview Virtual Instrument and Apparatus, Electronic Measurement Technology, C Language Programming, Computer Aided Design (CAD), and Electronic System and Product Design, etc.

[Employment Prospects] Graduates of this major are suitable for product-assisted R&D, inspection, testing and maintenance in all electronic product manufacturing, sales and maintenance enterprises. They are also qualified for R&D assistant, general management personnel for intelligent electronic product, instrument and meter design enterprises, and high-end technical positions such as assembly, commissioning, testing and maintenance in production lines.

[Additional Information] China is the world's electronic product manufacturing center, requiring a large number of electronic technology talents each year, especially in Shenzhen and Dongguan in the Pearl River Delta region. The required talents mainly include electronic product design assistants, electronic product production process and management personnel, and electronic product quality inspection personnel, etc. We have established six outside-school training bases for this major, including the successfully-applied project of Out-of-school Training Base of Shenzhen Vocational Education with Shenzhen Yunhaichuanxun Technology Co., Ltd. in 2016. This company mainly produces and develops remote video conference system and 3G base station equipment and can provide technical training on high-frequency wireless instruments and meters for our students, which can improve their working skills and broaden employment channels. This major provides plenty of internships and employment units for graduates each year, and so far has delivered a great number of excellent graduates to many well-known electronic companies in Shenzhen.

This major is equipped with six full-time teachers who have a doctoral degree or above and work experience in enterprises, including 1 local-level leading talent in Shenzhen, and 1 employed by enterprises as a technical consultant or senior trainer. All teachers for this major are double-professionally-titled teachers, with the senior professional title accounting for 78%. In addition, we have employed four enterprise-level senior engineers. Our professional teaching team has presided over 3 provincial-level and above scientific research projects, 2 municipal-level scientific research projects, 10 school-level teaching and research projects, and 2 corporate horizontal projects. The team has a reasonable ratio and strong cohesiveness, thus laying a solid foundation for the development of the major.

In the past five years, we have won 1 Second Prize in Guangdong Division in the "Design and Manufacture of Electronic Products" project of the National Vocational Students Skills Competition; 1 First Prize and 1 Second Prize in Guangdong Division in the National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest; 1 Second Prize in Guangdong Division in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling; 1 First Prize and 2 Third Prize in Guangdong Branch in "Blue Bridge Cup" National Software and Information Technology Professional Talent Contest (electronic category); 2 National First Prize, and 3 Special Prize, 3 First Prize, and 8 Second Prize in Guangdong Division in 3DDS.

In addition, we have built an intelligent hardware and mobile robot development and testing platform based on school-enterprise cooperation in the form of modern apprenticeship system and student maker community, in order to lead students to develop electric self-balancing vehicles, intelligent patrol robots and other projects that closely follow the market demand, and cultivate students' awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship and hands-on practical ability. This project has obtained financial support from Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City and schools and has achieved success of student entrepreneurship, thus achieving good talents cultivation effect and being well received and recognized by employers.

Unconventional Machining Technology Major

[Educational Objectives] This major aims to cultivate the following highly-skilled and application-oriented talents: a. have good comprehensive quality with full development of morality, wisdom, physique and aesthetics; b. understand the development history of unconventional machining technology industry and master the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of mechanical foundation and laser technology; c. be capable of laser processing equipment design, laser processing technology debugging, marketing and after-sales service.

[Main Courses] Mechanical Drawing and CAD Graphics I, Mechanical Drawing and CAD Graphics II, Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Technology, Product 3D Modeling and Structural Design, CNC Machining and Programming, Applied Optics, Laser Principles and Technology, Laser Machining Equipment, Laser Machining Process, Rapid Prototyping Technology, Unconventional Machining Technology, Opto-Mechatronics Technology, CNC Technology and Machining Certificate Training, Fundamental Laser Training, and Laser Machining Comprehensive Training, etc.

[Employment Prospects] Graduates of this major are suitable for mechanical drawing, laser machining equipment operation, maintenance and repair, and process debugging in the unconventional machining technology industry. They are also qualified for sales and technical support for laser machining equipment, and design, testing, and application work in laser manufacturing enterprises. We have cultivated a large number of high-end talents of laser machining equipment R&D, design, and process debugging for laser manufacturing and R&D enterprises such as Han's Laser, United Winners Laser, and Shenzhen Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipments Co., Ltd.

[Additional Information] According to statistics, the laser industry in the Pearl River Delta region accounts for about 1/5 of the national laser machining industry. Relying on the Shenzhen laser industrialization base, the Shenzhen laser industry has developed rapidly in recent years. We have signed cooperation agreements with Han's Laser and Shenzhen Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipments Co., Ltd. to establish out-of-school training bases, providing graduates with a large number of internships and employment units. This major has received financial support of more than 20 million yuan from the Development and Reform Commission of Shenzhen. Figure 1 shows the visit of Ma Xingrui, the former municipal party secretary of Shenzhen, to the unconventional machining technology major in 2016, and Figure 2 shows students from the unconventional machining technology major participating in CHTF in November 2011. Graduates from this major are mainly engaged in R&D, debugging, process design, after-sales service and operation of high-end laser machining equipment in the laser industry. They can also work as marketing, production and quality management personnel in laser enterprises. As a sunrise industry, the laser industry will flourish in the next ten years in the favorable industry environment. In such case, there was a shortage of graduates for the unconventional machining technology major in 2017. Many laser enterprises came to the universities to reserve graduates or set up scholarships in schools to encourage students in this major to study diligently and master high-end skills in laser applications.

Figure 1 Ma Xingrui visited unconventional machining lab in December 2016

Ma listened to the practice report of the “modern apprenticeship system" of the major in the lab. In addition, he watched the demonstration of the curved laser art paintings made by the teachers and students of the major using their self-developed three-dimensional ultraviolet laser marking equipment, and praised the model of promoting the entrepreneurship through party building.



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